Tuesday, February 1, 2011

When Blizzard 2011 Comes In.....

The parents wake up hearing the ice hitting the windows at 4:30 AM, and move into action.

Big nasty farm dogs get to sleep in the laundry room.

10 year old boys sleep in their new birthday sleds, dreaming of snow days, forts, & sledding.

The ice is covering the ground at this point, and blizzard conditions with up to 16" of snow are expected today. I love it!


  1. I'm jealous, Heather!!! I always loved snow days...even though it meant we'd be in school longer. I hope you guys have all kinds of fun!!! :)

  2. just now seeing that you have been blogging again. We heard the ice on the window off and on last night but didn't wake up till 9am to a beautiful blanket of white. Wish we were within walking distance so we could enjoy it together.

  3. Love the comment from the "Bobber", good to know some still float on angry seas.

  4. Funny, that everyone in less "snowy" areas has had way more snow than we have this year. Several days of bad weather predicted and we had but a few flakes... it is 46 here this afternoon!