Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss Emma Comes to Hayee's House

Christmas was wonderful this year, BUT, the best part was the week after when Miss Emma arrived with her mom & dad for a week. She kept us all smiling all week long. I am Hayee to my nieces and nephews because my first nephew Travis named me that. This Hayee spoiled this little lady as much as I could get away with. She loves Elmo so Karlee & I met her at the airport with Elmo shirts on and a bag of Sesame Street goodies & books for the ride home. We were instant friends. The week went by much too fast, but my siblings and our spouses had a great time together.

This first picture is Emma sitting in our family high chair. Dad, you will have to help me with how many generations have used it.

She was so cute all bundled up in her winter gear.


Big eyes, big sippy

Big girl carrying cousin Karlee's purse


  1. I was the first I believe, then my 2 sisters and one brother. Next of course was you, Marie, and Sam. Now with Emma there have been 6 grandkids in it. That is so satisfying to me. Taking care of the chair and passing it on is a gift from one generation to the next. You have now had the responsibility now for some time and it will be tough but you'll have to pass it on as well. Hopefully not soon!!(Are you listening Travis?)

  2. I love the two-fisted remote shot by the way....

  3. Love the history of the high chair!