Sunday, December 19, 2010

What? It's CHRISTMAS, and I Still Have Daisies For a Background?!

Have you ever gotten away from something, and the further behind you get the less likely it is you will ever finish that project? Well...that is me with this blog. I have really been considering just shutting it down, but my children will look over my shoulder and say, "Mom, you really need to update your blog!", "Mom, it's Christmas and you still have Daisies on your background!" Then my dad sent a request this morning, so for my beloved Bopps, I will blog.

During the summer while I was going through the valley with my broken leg, I really did not feel like putting my heart out here on the blog. I knew exactly what the Lord was teaching me, and it is personal and I still will not share it. However, I am glad to be on the other side of that lesson!

I am healing well, my last visit there was significant bone growth! I go back February 21st for one last x-ray, and to be released (hopefully) from the Dr. I am now wearing shoes on both feet and only have a slight limp, and swollen, painful ankle in the evenings to show for my summer.

Today, I am up early to cook for Friend Day at church. It is a sentimental day for me. Read here to understand why.

I will strive to blog more, or I will talk my dad into getting on Facebook, one of the two.

Blessings to you all!


  1. You would have to have been in my shoes today to understand how much hearing the words beloved dad meant to me. 3 folks have blessed me today, Brother Larry Clayton, a beautiful person I met in a stage shop once, (and bumped into again today), and you with your very kind words. I have missed your blog posts, and was tickled to see you back. No, I'm not going on facebook and if my name is mentioned tell them I'm in Cleveland!!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to update, HK. I miss seeing you around and hearing what's going on. Although, I do understand.

    Since we lost our baby and then incident with my family and the death of two close loved ones... all that happening at the same time, has left me feeling unable to communicate much the last five months. Especially, writing. Even though, that is something I love to do and it brings me so much comfort. Somehow I can not focus enough to put my thoughts down in any sort of coherent writing anymore. I keep trying and writing and posting, in hopes that some day it will come back. And really, God is good and I have been so blessed to see Him working through my blog, that I know eventually, in His time, He will restore it to me.

    I like seeing Daisies here. They are so bright and friendly when so much else seems so dark.

    Love to you my sweet friend,


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  4. just now seeing this as I lost track when my laptop crashed. You don't have to share deep feelings all the time. Just a little note with what's going on might be easier. A recipe here and there or a homemaking hint. Or nothing at all...I'll still be here. :)