Monday, October 25, 2010

What Kind of Animal Was That?

Here's an Eli story for you.

We just got home from the Dr., and we ran by Sam's Club on the way. The artichoke hearts called my name and I bought a big jar.

Eli came out to help his dad unload the car. He was carrying in the artichoke jar, and he said to JD, "If one of these starts beating, I'm out of here!"

He thought they were the heart of some kind of animal he had never heard of.

That's my boy!

Here is the leg update, copied from my facebook status.

Dr.'s appt. this AM, still no bone growth on x-ray. However, Dr. is encouraged by the fact that I'm walking w/o pain. He feels that I'm making good progress with soft tissue growth and thinks that we will see bone starting to form by next month. If not, on Nov. 22 he will remove the screw in my leg from the top of the ...rod, to cause pressure on the bone. Please pray with us for bone growth this month!


  1. I'll pass this update on to the folks praying down here, God only knows what exactly he is doing. I won't question him, I'll just keep asking him to remember my little girl.

  2. Happy Birthday to you Doodie-loos.

  3. I’ve just started blogging about my own manic break and hospitalization. It’s about recovery and treatment, but more importantly about discovery of a new post-religion faith where there is no hell, no original sin, you are God, and heaven on earth is real, radiant and right around the corner. A wild and triumphant ride.

  4. I would like to weigh in on the previous comment. 1st let me say that I wish Hilary the best in her recovery from her problems, however, the fact that one decides that they are god does not change anything with God. He is before you were born, he is after you are gone, He is the Alpha and the Omega. Look around you and try to imagine which person you see is good enough to be the God of the rest of those you see. Then look in the mirror and honestly assess your ability to look out for the best intrests of the rest of humanity, let alone keep the Universe on course. The fact that one admits to a post-religion faith is an admittance to an earlier Bible based faith. My questions would then be; Did God change? Did the Bible change? No. God and His Word will never change, therefore it must be said that you changed. A true living God would not be able to change in any way, period. As to the statements about Hell and Sin, we can say we have no sin but that only makes us a liar, which is, of course, a sin. Hell is real, the Bible is very plain about that, and if one wishes not to land there they must avoid vain babbling and accept Jesus Christ's payment on the Cross for their sin. My prayer at this moment is that anyone who reads this will hear in their heart from the True and Living God, the God of the Bible, turn to Him, or back to Him if that's the case.

  5. Love this picture of Eli and Karlee.

    I am so glad you stopped by. I know I have had some crazy weeks lately... like the last four months. I am so excited to see a return to calm and normal family crazy time now.

    So sorry to hear that your leg is still not where it needs to be... still praying. Keep us updated, friend.