Saturday, September 11, 2010

Leg Update

Just a quick update for my blogger buddies. I went to the Dr. yesterday, they removed the cast and the Dr. reassured me that it is perfectly normal that my foot & leg still turn purple (almost black) every time I am up on my crutches. He also informed me that although pain usually means you need to stop what your doing, when in rehab pain means keep on going. In other words he wants me to push my ankle & knee through the pain until I get some flexibility back. I have an appt. in two weeks. He will x-ray everything then and if I have healed to his satisfaction, I will begin to put weight on the leg w/ a walking boot. He gave me the boot yesterday, and let me tell you that thing is a monster, it is huge & heavy! I need to start doing squats so I can haul it around...just kidding...can't do squats if you can't put weight on it silly. So that's the scoop, if you are a praying friend, will you please pray for movement in my ankle & knee? I would appreciate it. If you have anything I can pray for you about, leave me a comment. I have lots of prayer time sitting in this chair!

Have a great weekend!

Go Gators & Wolverines!



  1. Will keep praying. Did he say anything about when the purple thing might quit happening? Hope the pain eases up quickly as you gain flexibility.

  2. Hey, I'll pray for you. Pray for me as well, thanks.