Friday, August 13, 2010

Post Op

Just wanted to check in here, and let you, my blogger buddies know what's up.

Tuesday morning, J's alarm went off at 3:15 and the day started. He got a shower, got me cleaned up, packed the van, it all was going very well. Then, on the way out to the van, my leg got tripped up and I fell into the van, putting pressure on my bad leg. This of course made me cry out in pain and Missi, (our Pomeranian) came to see what was going on, realized she was out the door, and took off.

J spent about 15 minutes trying to catch Missi, before we decided we just had to go, and so at 4:50 we called Gayla who was keeping the kids for us and asked her to wake Karlee up and go find Missi. I felt really bad about doing this, but it couldn't be helped. Worrying about Missi getting run over did take my mind off of some of the stress of getting to the hospital. Before I went into surgery we got a call that they did find her and had her safely in the house. I was very relieved.

We arrived at the hospital at 5:40, and the pre-op work got started. I was in a lot of pain because I had not had any medicine since 11:30 the night before, however, everything went very smoothly, and I was not nearly as nervous as I could have been. I believe this is a direct result of all of the prayers that were being said for me. Because of my veins, I am typically very difficult to get an i.v. started in, and the nurse was able to get it going on the first try! We were just in the waiting game then. I answered all of the usual questions to all of the usual people. Then the anesthesiologist gave me a shot in my i.v. to calm me down, except he shoved it in too fast and it had a very hard shocking sensation instead. J.D. gave me a kiss and I was trying not to show the pain. I had tears running down my face once we walked away from him, and one of the nurses took my hand and said it was going to be okay, and I went off to dream land.

I woke up in tremendous pain, but there was a wonderful nurse right there taking care of me. She immediately got the medicine running and when she had given me the max amount the Dr. had said, she got right on getting more for me until she got it under control. She was very patient and understanding. Also, during the middle of that, she received a call that her elderly father had escaped from his nursing home and had sat out in the heat for too long. She was very calm in caring for me and making arrangements for him. I told her I would be praying for her.

Then I was sent to my room, and reunited with J.D. I know he had to be relieved to see me. Mainly because the night before the surgery I had a "if I don't wake back up" talk with him. I felt like it was necessary for him to know what I would want to be buried in, the songs I would want, his 2nd marriage options, etc. (We really did have the talk but I am smiling at the same time)

The last two days since the surgery have been full of pain, and taking pain medicine. I have not had any really bad complications. My left arm is swollen and sore from the medicine in the i.v. and we have been treating it with ice. I have 5 screws in the ankle area and 1 under the knee. The nail/rod goes from the top of the tibia to the bottom and then there was another fracture that had to be fixed, which is why I have the 5 screws instead of the planned 2. The extra fracture could be the result of a few things, the Dr. could have done it while putting in the nail, I have had some major muscle spasms in my sleep that have caused me to jerk the leg, and the fall on the way to the hospital. I am hoping today is going to be a better day.

Some things I am thankful for

Knowing that God is in control

J.D. loves me so much

The recliner that I am sitting in, it was a gift many years ago and I would not have been nearly as comfortable without it

access to pain medication

good friends all over the globe who are praying for me

sweet friends nearby who have cared for my husband, children, and brought food

the wonderful food and ability to taste it

when J.D. washes my hair

the care I rec'd at the hospital, the Dr's & nurses were very kind

knowing that, this too, shall pass!


  1. Those are some very good things to be thankful for! and yes this too shall pass and I'm praying for it to pass VERY quickly! :-)
    Love you.

  2. What a reality show! The best part of recovery is the pain meds. And your family realizing just how much you really do to make their lives easier. LoL!! I'm praying for a speedy and perfect recovery for you so this becomes a distant memory.