Sunday, August 22, 2010

Facebook Statusessss

So if you were my friend on Facebook these are my last few status updates. I thought this might be a fun way to let you into my world the last few days.

3 blind mice, 3 blind mice, see how they make J.D. run, see how they make J.D. run...

mouse caught! Somewhere around 3 this morning my husband bagged another one. I believe it was a 7 pointer....

gonna watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy...hope it makes the next few days go flying by. I hope when they unwrap my leg tomorrow I don't look like schmiegel under there. :)

Please pray for my Dr.'s appt. this morning. My foot has been turning purple every time it is down and causing me to feel light headed. Please pray for the Dr.'s wisdom & my strength to get through it.

back home! I now have a very bright green cast which Karlee picked out. The Dr. said he was very pleased with my healing. I am happy to have a wheel chair, I was able to go into WMart after the appt. Still no weight on the leg for 4-6 weeks. (the ride to the appt & the time at the appt were both very rough, and I'm going to take a nap now)

is getting a pedicure from my darling daughter.

we are all wiped out today, kind've a down day after all of the excitement yesterday. J.D. is doing laundry and cleaning up, to quote him, "a woman's work is never done!".

got in my wheelchair today, wheeled myself into the kitchen (first time to go in there in two weeks) and did donuts. Then wheeled to my back window and just sat and looked outside. I have such a beautiful view and have really missed it! Then I had a terrible headache for two hours. Now I am happy on pain meds! :)

is gonna get out of the house today, and do something fun! Woo Hoo!!

finally going out, J & I are taking Karlee & Britany to Target...should be fun!

my trip to Target was really fun! I bought my favorite shampoo, and some pink nail polish! :) The girls bought junk food, and proceeded to giggle all was a very welcome sound around here!

is going to try really hard to go church in the morning. I have been sick to my stomach all day but hopefully will feel better tomorrow. I decided at 9:30 this morning that, That was my last pain pill. I would rather feel pain then feel lousy from the med's. I have made it all day, now for the evening/overnight. Please pray for me as I make the switch to Tylenol.

So, is this the kind of friend you like on Facebook? The kind who actually updates, or do you prefer the silent type? I personally like the updaters, therefore I am one. I do NOT, will NOT, EVER play any of the games and have them all blocked from my "feed" so don't expect a new friend to send you a bale of hay or whatever!

If you want to friend me on Facebook, look me up...Heather Stinehelfer Arnold, if I know you and your not some weird stalker we can be friends. :)

I did make it to church this morning and it was a blessing! I'm home tonight however because I still can't kick the headache, nausea, etc.


  1. Sorry you're not feeling so good. Hopefully the side effects of the pills will wear off soon. This was a good idea for your blog.

  2. Thank you!!!! I feel like I've seen part of the world now!!! Praying you feel better soon!