Monday, August 30, 2010

Bowling & Badgering

J.D.'s dad is here for a visit this week. We have not been out and about as much as we would have if I had been on (both) my feet. We have had a very nice visit anyway. On Friday, we decided to go bowling. We have a very small, hometown alley close by and that is where we went. We basically had the place to ourselves, which left me the opportunity to work on my wheelchair skills. I had fun weaving in and out around the tables. Here are a few pictures of the fun.

My knee minus staples, hooray!
Papa John
JD teaching Eli some skillz
JD & his dad checking out the score (Arnold's are ALWAYS competitive)

I'm only putting this in here to remind myself of how much fun KK & I had. I relentlessly badgered her about her bowling because she refused to let anyone give her advice.
Fine, mom, take a picture...
It was a great day. We even went into an Antique Mall and I was able to go down most of the aisles in my chair. I didn't buy anything but it just felt good to get out! Yesterday, I was able to go to both services at church. Our worship services were both exactly what I was in need of, I'm so thankful I could go!

I hope you have a great Monday!

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing all the pictures.
    So glad you had a fun day! Tell papa John he's lookin' good. :)
    PS we are poison ivy free finally. D is on vacation this week.