Friday, July 16, 2010

New Background w/ a Question

Thank you to Karlee for my new background!

The question is, how does it look on your computer?

On mine it spaced nicely w/ the flowers to the left like this...

On Karlee's the flowers on the left are running into the body like this...

(click for larger images)

Thanks for your help!


  1. On mine, it looks like it does on your computer with the flowers spaced nicely.

  2. I do not open my window all the way most of the time. I have too many things open and running in the background to full screen my Internet. So, it cuts off the flowers.

    However, If I open my window all the way, it looks more like yours with a thin, green space between the flowers and the body. My green space is much thinner than yours on the left and much thicker than yours on the right.

    Either way, I do not have that green bar with flowers on the top like you and Karlee do. It's probably my setup. Or because I'm using Safari as my web browser or some other reason.

    I like your new blog look!!

  3. I tried to leave a comment, I'll try again. I like the new look, works great on my computer, congrats to the designer. Have KK make me some bread, I think it would ship o.k. BTW the cobbler made me drool.

  4. HK
    The new background looks great on my computer! It is spaced like it is on yours. It is a perfect summer background, so fresh and cool looking. Good job Karlee!

  5. On mine it is all running together like on Karlee's. Have her send an email to my Brianna and she might be able to help her fix the problem. She is a whiz at HTML.