Monday, July 12, 2010

It Was a Plum of a Day!

I am sick, I despise being sick. It makes me cranky! So, I had to find something to keep me busy today. I walked next door and picked a large bag of beautiful plums!

Then I made this cobbler. It has plums, nectarines, & blackberries in it.
This is my favorite cobbler recipe because it is healthy, quick, easy, and goes w/ any fruit!

I also made this plum sauce, for my waffles, and ice cream. I replaced the almond extract w/ some cinnamon & ginger, then cooked it down a little to thicken it.

Karlee got the plum bug, and decided to make plum bread. It is awesome good!
She doubled the recipe, and took one next door to thank the neighbors for sharing the plums!

It turned into a nice plummy day!


  1. Wow, awesome! Those all look so yummy! I've been meaning to ask you for that cobbler recipe. It was so good! Did you put any cinnamon or anything in it? Do you think that would work with the plum preserves that we made the other day?

  2. Yes, I add cinnamon to the dough. Yes, the plums we made the other day would work. If using fresh fruit and if it's tart do add some sugar to the fruit. Also, right before I bake it I sprinkle the top w/ cinnamon sugar.

  3. What a lovely sight to find on your doorstep, the bread and the darling girl!
    You know who you are taking after with this baking when you don't feel well, don't you?

  4. I have never done anything with plums aside from eating them fresh. How about some of those recipes?