Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions?

I personally do not make New Year Resolutions. However, I do get excited about the feel of a new beginning. For the last few years, I have taken my previous years calendar and thanked the Lord through it sometime in January. I start in January and look at everything I have penciled in, and just thank the Lord for the special times with friends and family, healing, church functions, the hard times He brings me through, birthdays, etc. I have not done this yet this year but it will be a very special time when I do.

Thinking about this fresh start in 2010, I was thinking of some things I would like to look back and say I accomplished. I know this sounds like a resolution, but remember I am rebellious and if I set a "rule" for myself I am bound to break it!

So, when I am writing the first week of 2011, I would like to say that in 2010, I~

Walked closer than ever with the Lord

Am more healthy

Was a wise steward of my money

Intentionally loved my husband and my children well

As for walking closer with the Lord, I am excited about having a close knit group of ladies at church to study with and to hold each other accountable. I have really missed that for the last few years, and I should say it like this...I AM EXCITED ABOUT IT!!!

On being more healthy, I have been a Yo Yo dieter for many years, in the last 2 years I had taken off about 30 lbs. and kept it off. I know how to do it and I need to get back at it. A web site that I really like is Spark People it is a totally free site where you can log your food & exercise.

For the wise steward, I am going to dedicate my earnings working for my dad, 80% toward debt. (10% to God, 10% to fun) Also, I am going to continue to do my best when I plan our menu's etc. Here are some great web sites for saving money.

The Grocery Cart Challenge
Never Pay Retail Again
The Bargain Shopper Lady

Here is a great blog post about saving money with coupons and the web sites to go to. I personally do not do this because I live in Wal-Mart country and we do not have the competitors to shop at. (I wish we did) If you live where you have a few grocery stores to choose from this can really save you money! I just use ALDI for most of my groceries, I took my note pad around and shopped all of the competition in my area and they beat everyone including WMart.

Also don't forget to check eBay, I have a coupon book in my van that is just for restaurants. Especially Chick-fil-A. They will accept any coupon, to anywhere, with any date, at any restaurant. We love to eat there, and with a coupon J & I recently had a date where we each had a grilled sandwich, large waffle fry, and med drink for $1.80 each. Many things that we pay full price for, there are coupons available with a little looking. Best Buy, Lowe's, Home Depot & Office Depot put 10% off coupons in change of address packets. You can buy these cheap or even get one from some one who is moving. (they are free at the Post Office)

As for loving my husband & kids intentionally. I will look for opportunities to say & show my love to them. I will fight the urge to bury myself on my computer or in t.v. I will hug them more and kiss HIM more.

Do you make resolutions or goals? Will you share them with us? If you have any additional web sites or advice I would love to hear it...really!!!

I hope you have a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. Heather Kay,

    I love the idea of looking back and thanking the Lord for the previous year. What a way to reflect. I do this with my photos, which often cover the special events, but have never thought of going back over my date book where I keep the day to day... which often we have even more to be thankful for in the behind the scenes monotony so to speak.

    Like your new Valentine's look here.



  2. ooh new posts! d restored my laptop and i lost this as my homepage but now i'm back.

    hmm for new years... i tentatively (rebellious too) set goals to get back on weight watchers and to do my bible study every day. I was good on jan 1. On jan 2nd i was not. I have lots of resolve don't i? oh well, "tomorrow is another day"