Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Bye, 2009

Here are some highlights from 2009...

I can't remember any highlights from January or February.

March~ I started my blog, J really thought I was crazy, but being the loving husband he is, he went along with it.

April~ We had our first tax return as a regular working was nice getting a chunk of change.
(pastor's are considered self employed...we won't be seeing that's worth it!)

May~ My dad came for a visit and we enjoyed beautiful weather and a week of hiking together. J.D. and I flew to Virginia for his mom's b-day and a visit with his dad.

June~ J.D. begins to be asked to preach a lot. We start to feel strongly that God is pulling us back into ministry.

July~ We had a nice quiet summer this year. Full of going to the pool, flea markets, picking blackberries & blueberries, and just spending time together.

August~ J preaches at Emmanuel for the first time. On the way home we talk about how much we like the church. We are very impressed with the friendliness of the people and the welcoming facilities. I begin preparing for a new school year and a family vacation.

September~ The goals that I accomplish (cleaning out rooms & closets) are really going to help me when I wind up moving. (something that is not even on the radar right then)
We have the best family vacation we have ever had. Going to Colorado on a shoe string budget.

October~ God moves in our heart and our future church's heart and J is voted in as pastor of Emmanuel Baptist Church in Jane, MO. I tell myself I will take my time packing and moving. My niece, Emma is born.

November~ On the 1st we move into our new house...I love living in this parsonage. This is also J's first sermon as a restored pastor of a church, a very moving day.

December~ What a busy month it was! High's include Friend Day at church, a Christmas party complete with a white elephant exchange, many gatherings at friends houses for food & fellowship, my first open house, and a talent show to welcome in the New Year.

2009 was a wonderful year! It was a year of family bonding, restored ministry, and new family and friends.

Thank you, Lord, for 2009!


P.S. Thank you Karlee for the new look!


  1. I loved your summary!! Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!!

  2. It is wonderful to see your 2009 summary. My favorite parts are from August on. I think from the first day Rev JD preached at Emmanuel, we knew we had found our new shepherd. I want to say, "WELCOME HOME". I say that because from the 1st day I attended EBC I felt like I had come HOME!! I know now that God was leading me on my true path HOME (HOME is what God has prepared for me in heaven)!!! We love you and praise God for His plans.. Tammy

  3. How the Lord has blessed. I am excited to see what He will do in your family in the New year.

    Happy Tuesday!


  4. I'm glad the Lord has blessed you so much this year. I like the new template. good job karlee.
    I really miss you guys.