Monday, December 14, 2009


I have been thinking about yesterday all day today. I want to write about it, but I am not sure I can do it justice. I will try though.

Yesterday was Friend Day at our new church. One night very soon after we moved here, I had a list of ideas for J. We were busy and I didn't get to rattle them off to him until late that night. One of my ideas was to have a Friend Day in December complete with a Christmas message and a meal. He said that sounded good, but it might be too soon to try to pull something that big off. At first he thought we should wait until the spring. The idea quickly grew on him and he set it in motion.

I share with you that it was my idea because it was so special to me to see God's plan in action yesterday. I know that God put that idea in my head, so I am not taking credit for it. My point is that because I brought it up, and J took off with it, then the people stepped up and did the work, we had a very successful day yesterday.

Our congregation has been running between 80 and 100 people lately. J set a goal of 125 for Friend Day. Our people got out and invited and we had 145 in church yesterday morning. A record for a Sunday morning at the church!

When we were singing, I felt overwhelmed by the Holy Spirit's power. I tried to look around to see who was there and just enjoy the sight of a full auditorium but my emotions would take over and the tears would start. I have said it before, I am hard headed and God has been doing overtime to affirm to me our decision to come to this church.

The day started out with 3 baptisms. One teenage girl who was recently saved in Youth Group, and a married couple. This man and his wife have both come to the Lord in the last few weeks. (I was there when she knelt and accepted Christ and it was so wonderful)

J preached a sermon about Jesus, he covered His fulfilled prophesies, birth, life, death, and resurrection. The message was powerful. I am praying that those that were there who needed to accept Christ would not be able to get it out of their minds this week. I think we will still see results from our peoples obedience in the weeks to come.

The meal was overflowing with good food. There was plenty for everyone with enough to spare for the evening meal as well. We are even freezing enough extra ham that will feed us (the church) for our New Year's Eve party.

After a short afternoon, we had a White Elephant Party at 5 p.m. It was a lot of fun and just a great time of celebration after such a super day.

My sister was the only person that was not a regular attender of the church that was there and this is the comment she had for those at the church.
YourSis said...

Tell your church family that we had a blast at the party. I heard a lot of warnings about how ruthless it would be. I hate to ruin any hard-nosed reputations but I think I saw more selfless acts than selfish ones. Iris and I chatted excitedly all the way home. Thank them for a fun time for us.

I hate to say it but I do agree with her...mostly...:)
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I hope you have a wonderful evening!



  1. It's Heather just making sure what I told you about commenting was correct. :)

  2. It was an awesome day and an awesome expression of God's power. God always blesses the obedience of His people. My prayer is that this is just the beginning and not a plateau.

    I love you baby doll!!!!

  3. it was a great day and I think I'm still on a know what they say...there ain't no high like the MOST HIGH!!!

  4. I was brought to tears more than once on this awesome day. But I have to say, that the baptism of husband and wife, and knowing how God has done a miraculous work in their relationship, WOW!!! Major tears;;;;! I agree with Lori, there is no high like the MOST HIGH. He has done a miraculous work inside our church, church family and is mending wounds from days gone by. I thank God now for His continued work, in my self as well as those around me. PLease pray for me, that I keep my focus on my Heavenly Father and not lose sight of how important I am to Him irregardless of situations that surround me. I struggle daily with feelings of innadequecy and insecurities, and these can only be defeated through my relationship with MY DADDY, our HEAVENLY FATHER! I love all of you, my Heavenly Father,my church famliy, my sisters and brothers in Christ. YOU ARE MY FAMILY! Thank you Heather!!!

  5. Again, thank you Heather.
    Tammy (oops, forgot to sign my name)

  6. What a great idea for fellowship. I would like to pass this one on to our Pastor.


  7. Beautiful idea, great results.