Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Christmas Flashback

Every year my children get Christmas presents before Christmas. This is my fault. Honestly, it drives J.D. a little bit crazy. It all started when I was a child. My parents had a tradition of putting a few presents under the tree each week leading up to Christmas.

What they didn't know was that I was an EXPERT at unwrapping enough of the gift to find out what it was and re-wrapping it without them knowing. I would do this when they were still in bed on Saturday mornings. My brother & sister would gather around me to watch my skills, in return for their secrecy, I would do their presents too.

One year in particular, we hit the jackpot. All three of us were avid Mr. Rogers watchers. This year sitting under the tree was a puppet each from the show. My brother got King Friday, my sister had Lady Elaine and for me X the owl. We were SO EXCITED about getting these. Of course we all were cool and collected when mom handed them to us for our Christmas Eve present and we all acted very surprised to see them. (as we did with all our presents over the years)

My parents did not find out we did this until I was 25. It was my first Christmas that I didn't live at home with my parents. They came up to Arkansas, and Christmas Eve, after everyone was in bed, my brother and I spent some bonding time unwrapping and re-wrapping gifts. The next day we were cracking up at each other trying to act surprised and we finally confessed what we had been doing all of those years.

Now, I get so excited to give my kids their gifts that I just can't wait. They know I'm a big softy and that I understand their pain of hating surprises.

So, today they will each open a present after they finish school & chores. Can any of you relate? Share your stories!



  1. You are so bad! :-) I love the anticipation. The feeling that there is something to look forward to is what I like. Once they're opened, it's done and over. I order my presents and then I have dh wrap them when they come so I can't enjoy them until Christmas day.

    I don't really remember how I felt after we sneaked open our presents, just that it was fun doing it.

  2. Go to your room and wait for me, when I cool off I'll be in there to deal with you!!

  3. How funny. I think the anticipation is most of the excitement. But, Niki, on the other hand would be all about the dneaking and finding out what she has under the tree. She can not stand not knowing. Anything that I would look at as a plesent surprise is pure anguish for her. So, I totally understand where you are coming from. Niki pleads and begs every year to open one present on Christmas eve, and I usually cave in and let her. I love you guys and I love learning more and more about you. That is so what it is about with God. Because we love Him so much we want to learn more and more about Him. I have goose bumps, as I always get when I realize God has just spoken to me.. Love you guys and see you Sunday.

  4. I think you all missed your calling! You could have been actors! I'm glad you were so good at concealing what was going on, since a big part of the fun for me was surprising you!! Little did I know. At least we did save some presents for last and that way it all worked out and we all got to have our fun! I really did not have a clue until that first Christmas in Arkansas!

  5. That is so funny! I have a friend that said one year she peaked at all her gifts when she was a child. She said it made Christmas morning so disappointing for her that she never did it again, though.

    I loved Mr. Rodgers when I was a kid. I tried to find them on DVD for my little guys but didn't have any luck.

    Now my hubby is like you. He can not stand not telling me what my gifts are. From the time he goes shopping right up until Christmas, he keeps asking if I want to see one of my gifts. It drives him nuts that I say no and would rather wait and be surprised. He said that is why he waits until the last minute to shop because he would give me all my gifts and have to go shopping again anyway:)