Friday, November 6, 2009

This, That...Part Two

Okay, so I left off yesterday with me realizing that my idea to get the dogs might make us late for church. Sure enough, by the time we were loading the dogs, it was obvious that at best we would barely get there on time. As we were driving back to the church, I called Michael to ask how J was doing. I assumed he would be panicking. Michael said they were just discussing that and J said he was okay, that a couple years ago he would have been panicked but he was more "laid back" now. I was very glad to hear this, I did not want to be in the "dog house". (pun intended)

While on our way back, the kids went over to the church. Tammy B. asked Eli what they should do about his dad being late? Eli replied, "I don't know, but don't fire him, I don't want to have to move again!" That's my boy!

When we got to the house/church we were late. J ran and put on a collared shirt with his jeans and I stayed to get the dogs settled. Gator is a big dog. He has never been chained at our house as we had a big back yard for him. He did not like me putting him on the chain. He started running and broke his collar within minutes of me putting him on the chain. I was chasing him and he was running wild. I could see that the church door was open and I was thinking...boy they will wonder what they got themselves into...a late pastor in jeans and then his large outside dog comes running down the aisle with the pastor's wife running behind. Well, thank goodness that did not happen and I was able to get him chained up. I got to church about half way through. I am sure I was a sight!

After church, we were blessed with a gift once again. We were given a gift card to Lowe's for the kennel we were in need of for Gator. I could write two paragraphs about what a blessing this was. I will condense it down to...this blessing was a consequence of obedience on my part. I wanted to conquer the dog kennel and was willing to spend money we didn't have to do it. I came to my senses and agreed to pray about it. God showed me AGAIN that he always blesses obedience.

Edited to add: Of course if the couple who gave us the gift card had not been obedient we both would have missed out on this obedience blessing!

When it was time to leave, we invited Michael for some breakfast for dinner and after we ate, Missi (the Pomeranian) got away. Michael got to join the family as we chased her down the road and around a barn and finally caught her.

Monday, I worked on unpacking and chasing the dogs some more. First Gator broke the leash that I had him tied with. Then Missi somehow squirmed out of her harness. Once again the chase was on. By the time Michael got there to take me to pick up the kennel I was about done in. (Somewhere in there, I had also run to Wal-Mart) What a wonderful thing to get it put up and Gator's big tail wagging as I put him in it!

I cooked a huge pan of spaghetti because I knew I wouldn't be home the next night. We ate and shortly after fell into bed exhausted!

Tomorrow, I will recap Tuesday and Wednesday. I am looking forward to sharing a beautiful experience I had Tuesday evening. Then get ready for a post titled, Out of My Box. (the story of last night)



  1. Heehee, that's my nephew, carry on the tradition Frank.

    Hmm, what happened tuesday night? I can't remember.

    Are you sure those dogs are worth it? ;-) I can hear you now, "Pay no attention to your E. She doesn't understand that you're peoples too."

  2. It has been amazing how the Lord has taken care of us babe!! We are truly blessed to be part of this church family!!

  3. I can promise you your Church Family feels like they are blessed to have you as part of their Church Family. Love you, Mary Lou