Thursday, November 5, 2009

This,That and the Other Thing

My last post was last Thursday, and it has been a non-stop week! I am just going to do a quick (ha ha) recap.

Friday, my sister, bro-in-law, and their kids came to the new house to help me. We had 2 full vehicles with what I thought was the last full load of things from the old house. HA! We had all of the clothes from the closets, all of the food from the kitchen, basically everything except what we would need through Sunday. (I thought)

We spent the day putting away and organizing the closets. If my sister said, "you need to pare down" once, she said it a hundred times. We do have a lot of clothes and I tried to get rid of a bunch but I definitely did not do enough to suit her! I do admit our closet is packed too close for comfort and we are going to try to "pare down" again.

My Bro-in-law spent the day doing handy man chores for me. It was so nice to move in and have my own curtains hung and all the doors closing nicely.

Saturday, I was supposed to clean up the old house and get it ready to move on Sunday. I started in one room and moved my way through the house and I was becoming overwhelmed with how tired I was and how much there still was to do. I realized I just could not get it all done. I also wound up with another whole van load to take up that night. I took that load up and unloaded it and put it away and then it was time to go to Light the Night.

It was my first time to go to a Light the Night. Our church family meets at a church member's house, the house is LIT UP with flood lights, there are games for the kids to play, we gave out bags of candy, cotton candy and popcorn. Each bag of candy had a tract with church info and the ABC's of salvation on it. It is a very popular house on October 31st! We passed out a little over 300 bags of candy that night. It was a fun night of fellowship and community outreach!

After driving around for awhile (and even going back by the house I was at) I finally got back home. (thanks to J who patiently dealt with his impatient wife and gave directions) Then, I fell into bed exhausted.

Sunday, I awoke early, and went through the house room by room AGAIN. I couldn't believe how much stuff was still there. Of course the bedding took up a lot of the space but I wound up with ANOTHER van full to take with me on my way to church. I was astounded by the amount of dirt you uncover when you move. I thought I had been cleaning the house....

For the next few weeks J is working full time at the dealership and so he is being creative with finding time to prepare his sermons. He had left very early to get to the church that day. He knew that he would have no time to study before the evening service with moving that day. I just barely pulled in on time for Sunday School.

There was an excitement in the air all morning! It was J's first Sunday to preach as their pastor. J said that he cried all the way to church that morning praising God for His work in his life and allowing him to serve Him in this way again. I knew that we would be singing my favorite song, Be Thou My Vision, and I knew that it was going to be emotional for me. Before we got to that though, I looked over at J during White As Snow and saw him tearing up and I was done for. I was past a few tears and on to ugly cry by Be Thou My Vision!

God has been so gracious to confirm our decision in doing this in so many ways. One of them was that Michael picked that song for our first week. For the last 2 plus years I have longed to hear/sing that song in church. The church we attended did not do it once. Michael said that it was the first time they had ever sang it there. Isn't God good?!

I know this post is getting long, sorry! It's not over yet! We were welcomed to the church with a wonderful gift. They are sending us to the Jacksonville Pastor's Conference in January! We are both so excited to go, J has been by himself and he says that it is a wonderful time of preaching and praising that can't be beat.

J preached a sermon on our Savior, that was wonderful, and after the invitation we joined the church.

Then we all headed downstairs for some homemade soup, rolls, dessert and fellowship. We are in a church full of good cooks and I will have to watch it! Moderation, Moderation, Moderation!

After that, we headed out to Gravette to pick up the last of the stuff at the old house. I was afraid we had too many trucks and some might feel like they made the trip for no reason. I did not need to worry, all of the trucks were put to good use. It really did not take long and the men had the trucks loaded up and we were ready to go. There was even a team in the house who wiped out the cabinets, cleaned the bathrooms, and vacuumed the floors. Praise the Lord!

Side note: Karlee has been babysitting for our next door neighbor's boy. They are a christian couple and have been going through some serious trials and so I have had her mostly donating her time lately. The lady came over Friday and asked me to come and look at something. I followed her and she took me to her grown teenage daughter's room and showed me the bed. It is a wonderful loft bed with a full size desk and shelves underneath. She explained that someone had given it to her as a blessing and they wanted to pass the blessing on to Karlee.
All I can say is WOW! It was a great lesson for Karlee to learn. She was not thrilled with me at first for suggesting she donate her see she wanted to save up for new stuff for her new bedroom...the bed she received would have never been in our price range!

Okay, back to Sunday, we arrived at the new house and the men unloaded all of the trucks and trailer. The men who took down Karlee's new bed, stayed and put it back up. Praise the Lord! I would hate to know how long it would take J & I to figure it out! We had left our dogs at the old house so they would not get underfoot and I knew that we would both be exhausted after church so I suggested that we make a quick trip to pick them up. Somewhere along the way, I realized that we were cutting it very close to make it back on time for church.

I am going to leave off here and pick back up tomorrow.

I am heading out to Gravette this morning to put the For Sale By Owner sign out. Please pray with us that the house would sell quickly. I will tell you that God will get all of the credit for a miracle if it does because from the outside it looks like an impossible situation. Isn't that where He loves to show up though?!

Have a great day!


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  1. Yep, you need to pare down. haha. Preferably any clothes that might be my size. ;-) I'm glad you had such a great weekend and that I wasn't there on sunday or I'd have done the ugly cry too. Gee, I wonder where Travis gets that whole avoiding emotional moments thing from...