Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Out Of My Box

Last Thursday I was awarded this!

Let me tell you this class was WAY out of my box. I was blessed to be given Lori as a partner, because, she felt the same way I did about avoiding the camera. (There was a man from the local newspaper there)

I can't wait to see the write-up about our church group taking a self defense class. I will try to post a copy here for all of you who don't belong to the church. (unless I am in it) :)

I did learn some good moves that I think I could use if I had enough adrenaline flowing through me. We also had a really great time and our instructor was very patient with us as we giggled our way through it. Talk about breaking in your new pastor's wife right. First wash her feet, then beat her up a bit. I wonder what they will do to me next?!

Here is a picture I took Sunday night before church. Doesn't the building look warm & inviting? Well, it is. There is family waiting inside.

This picture is unedited as I do not know how to use any photo editing...that is exactly what it looked like!

I hope you are having a beautiful Tuesday!


  1. One of our pastors wives moved here from Dallas TX,,,she was here about 3 days and we took her to Jesse James Days...then about another 3 weeks was Katies 4th birthday party. We held it at my aunts house in Bentonville and they were holding a KKK rally on the square...so beware we could do more!!!!

  2. By the way...I've never seen a more beautiful picture of the church!

  3. That is so beautiful! I took a pic of the sky Sunday night too! I'll send them to your email. It looked just like that over here too. For some reason the song "Somewhere out there..." is going through my mind right now. LOL

  4. H.
    Upload this to the WBC Flickr site, I want to download it and post it on my site if that's alright. I think it would be a beautiful way to let them know where I stand out there in weird-web-world.