Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Black Friday!

I never can sleep Thanksgiving night. I feel the same way I did when I was a kid on Christmas Eve. The anticipation of all the shopping keeps me wide awake. Well, last night I decided to do some of my shopping at 11:00. I had an email from Kohl's saying that their door busters would start at 11:45 and figured I could get some shopping done early. I did my shopping and had my cart all full and ready. At 11:45 I clicked the check out button and watched with glee as the Black Friday prices appeared. I had beat the system!


At 11:45 as I clicked the check out button the Kohl's server went into over drive.To my dismay Kohl's kicked me off their web site completely. Oh well, I thought, at least my shopping cart is full and I will only have to go back on and check out.


I got signed back in and found that I had lost everything. Not to be stopped, I began my shopping again. Now the site is moving VERY SLOW, every page taking well over 2 minutes to load. I am telling myself to think of all the time I will save in lines tomorrow. Then I am kicked off again, lose everything again...I am very frustrated!

I try to log back in. (yes, sanity was long gone) Now I am being blocked. I can not even enter my password without being kicked off. At 1:00 I finally give up and try to go to sleep. I am ticked off, forget about anticipation of shopping, I am ready to go have a few rounds of kick boxing. (I will not mention with who or what)

It is now 4:45. I awoke at 3:45 ready to conquer that website. Guess what? I logged right on, did my shopping, checked out and never had a glitch. Doesn't that figure?

I hope your shopping is full of insanity and laughter today. If you see me, I will be the one in need of strong coffee and direction.

For those of you who are snug in your beds and wouldn't think of going near the stores today....I'm sorry I just can't relate to you! :)


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  1. ARGGH! I feel your pain! Sympathy from one who stayed up until 2am with the exact same frustrations only without the triumphant ending at 3:45. I tried to get the stuff again at 5:55am but they were all gone.