Monday, November 9, 2009

A Beautiful Washing

Last Tuesday night Gayla & Lori had invited all the ladies in the church to a special service. That was all that we knew about it. I saw them arrive early and was really wanting to go over and fellowship with them. I just did not have peace about doing that. I stopped and prayed for them and the service and proceeded to make some bacon wrapped jalapeno's. (I thought we were bringing finger foods, but that was the week before...oh well)

When I went into the auditorium there were chairs set up in a semi-circle. I thought it interesting when all the ladies were there that each chair was filled. It turns out that Gayla & Lori had covered each chair in prayer as well as prayer walking the church.

Gayla started off by saying that this was a foot washing service. Immediately, I thought about the condition of my feet. They had been in my socks & tennis shoes all day. My toe nails had chippy nail polish and had not been clipped in awhile.

Then Gayla started speaking, she shared with us that God had laid this on her heart to do a year and a half ago. She explained how she gave excuses and let her self get in the way of what God wanted her to do. She talked about how she had been miserable in her disobedience and that she was willing to do this hard thing that God had asked of her.

After sharing with us, she asked us to be in prayer for our fellow sisters while she was washing their feet. She knelt before the first lady and began praying as she poured water over her feet and washed them. I was so moved to see her obedient spirit and the ladies each being touched by her humility and prayer. I began to pray with her for my dear sisters. Some I knew and others I did not.

The Holy Spirit was so powerfully moving amongst us. I could feel His presence. All I could think was, this is so beautiful. Over and over I came back to those words. She is beautiful. As Gayla went from one of us to the other I forgot about what my feet looked like, I could not tell you what one of the other ladies feet looked like. I could only think about how our obedience is pleasing to our Heavenly Father. I do not believe there was a dry eye in the house.

If I had known that I was attending a foot washing service, I would have been very nervous. I would have for sure pre-washed my feet and clipped my toe nails. I may have even made an excuse not to go. I'm sure I am not the only one that was there that night that would have felt that way.

I would have missed out on a huge blessing! I am so grateful to Gayla for her obedience. This night made me search my own heart, looking for any area where the Lord has told me to do something and I have made excuses, or reasoned my way out of it.

So often when God asks us to do something, we listen to lies, we hear... you are going to look foolish, or, are you sure that is God telling you to do that. I can not think of one time when I was obedient that I looked back and said oh, I wasn't really supposed to do that, or man I really made a fool of myself. I have never had an obedience regret. I have had plenty of times where I let fear keep me from being obedient and regretted it in a big way.

This night was the start of a bond for me with the ladies of my church that I am looking forward to growing into great things for many years to come.

Thank you, Father, for allowing me to see the beauty of obedience through Gayla's life.



  1. She is a special lady...I struggled with not being able to do something for her...I didn't realize how much, as a friend, we find ourselves wanting to do something to help for our friends...but then I learned the lesson that our relationships with the Lord is something we have to do ourselves...we can support each other, pray for each other and when the time is right serve each other...but when God calls for obedience that must be an individual thing...thank you for was the sweetest service I've ever been a part of...we love you so much! Have a blessed day...

  2. That last paragraph about obedience is So true. Instead of feeling foolish afterwards like I think I'm going to, I'm usually on cloud 9.

    Sounds like an evening to remember.

  3. I too am very blessed to have been a part of the awesome experiance of the "Foot Washing" special service. I love these dear, sweet ladies and am thankful each and every day for their friendship that God has blessed me with. I look back at where my walk was prior to comming to Emmanuel, and where I am now, and I think, "He had brought me this far". I love you Gayla, Lori and Heather. You are all three awesome women and I praise God for using you in my life.
    Thank you God and thank you ladies for befriending me.
    God Bless