Monday, October 19, 2009

You May Now Call Me Mrs. Pastor's Wife

I do have good news to share!

I am going to start at the beginning. A year or so ago when J was selling cars, a man named Jim came into the dealership and while test driving a car he started witnessing to J. J shared his testimony with Jim, and they became fast friends. A few months later Jim bought a car from J and he has continued to stop by the dealership often for fellowship & coffee.

A couple months ago Jim was visiting with J and when they were done he walked out the door, he turned around and walked back in and asked J if he would consider being an interim pastor or just filling the pulpit at his church. He told me last night he wasn't going to do this but decided he could at least ask.

Here is where God really kicks it up a notch. J had recently been recommended for a ministry position and so had just updated his resume. He knew that Jim's church would have no idea who he was so he handed Jim a copy just to show them he was a legitimate pastor. They called and we went there to fill the pulpit for just one Sunday.

Lately J and I have both been strongly feeling the hand of God moving us back into ministry. J has been supply preaching at quite a few churches. He also was in the interview process with this other ministry. Before this one we supplied at 2 other churches in need of a pastor. Both of those experiences would help us to discern the peace of our current decision. Although they were great churches neither one of us felt that we could or would be their next pastor.

From the first day we went to our church we were both excited. We did not know if they would ever call us back to even fill in there again but we had a feeling that they would. One thing you should know is that we do not give out J's resume unless asked for it. We want God to lead in every area of our lives and we have never just blankly given out his resume for a ministry position. They did call us back to fill in and asked if we would stay after and meet with the Pastor Search Committee.

That is what we did. It was two weeks before we left on vacation. While meeting with the Committee we shared our story. We knew that God wanted us to live with our lives wide open and that it would only affirm our knowledge of His will in our decisions. We were honestly shocked at how the wonderful people there accepted what we had to say and continued the interview. We would not have been surprised if they had said that concluded the interview and sent us on our way. We had prepared through prayer for that very thing. When we left we put it in God's hands and waited for them to call. It was a long 3 weeks later when we heard from them. This gave us a chance to be really seeking God and for me to come to peace with a couple of obstacles that I had standing in the way.

We met with the committee last Monday night. They presented us with an offer to come in view of a call the coming Sunday. (yesterday) We both agreed that J would not give them any decision that night to give us some time to talk it over and pray and have total peace about the decision. We still had the other ministry position open and we wanted to know that we were going in God's direction. The thing is that from a worldly standpoint we should want the other position. It would not be the 24 hour life of a pastor, the $$ was better, we would not have to sell our house, etc.

When J & I sat down to talk about it we were both in agreement. Our passion and heart's desire was to serve in this church. Yes the other opportunity was a ministry where we would be serving the Lord. (in a cushy way) But this is dig your heals in, hard work doing what God has called us to do. We both know from experience that there is no greater joy than serving the Lord while being in His will!

On Wednesday we both knew that we were ready to go forward with the church. We let them know and started anticipating what would happen. We knew that we would share our story of the affair and our restoration with the church before they voted. This gave me more than a few stomach aches last week.

Yesterday was wonderful! J preached in the morning, then the men had a chili cook-off, after that we went to one of the couples house for an afternoon of fellowship and fun. (and great chicken salad) I had fun getting to know a few of the ladies in the church and J had fun looking at potential office furniture. Last night J shared a short sermon and then he went into his testimony. I was asked to share also, so I stood with him and gave a brief testimony and answered a question or two. Again God's grace was so evident in the people we stood before. I believe because of our brokenness and theirs, God is going to do a mighty work in this church. After quite a bit of question and answer time w/ J, they voted us in unanimously. I feel so touched even now, by how loved we both felt, not only by the people but by our Lord.

Sunday, November 1st, is our first Sunday and I can hardly wait!

I know this was long but I wanted to be able to remember all of these details in the years to come.



  1. Woo hoo! Congratulations!

  2. We are so excited to see how God is going to us you all and we as a body to further the Kingdom...for His Glory...Welcome!!!!

  3. I am excited beyond words. I think the moment that Rev J (Sorry J, I couldn't resist, LOL)started sharing your testimony is when I knew you were absolutely God's answer for us. We also are suffering a tragic season and God showed me that He is going to heal us together. What an awesome testimony in itself. I was brought to tears and fully accepted you into my heart at that moment. I love the "Beauty from Ashes:. I think that can also be the title for our season together as Shepherd and flock. We love you guys and are truly looking forward to the birth of our realtionship through God.

  4. Leah, Lori, and Tammy,
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting! What an encouragement you are! I am going to have the hymn, To God Be The Glory, going through my head all day!

  5. Heather I am so glad that this day has come. I look forward to getting on with the Lord's work. I want to thank you and your family for being obedient to the Lord. WOO YOO!
    Praying for you,Gayla

  6. YAY! Gayla found me too! Welcome, Gayla! I hope to be there when you win your first game of I'll Buy, and I hope you can witness my first win also! :)