Sunday, October 18, 2009


Today is a big day for our family. I am hoping to have some really exciting news to share tomorrow! Will you please say a prayer for us today.


Most importantly, that this is God's will for our family!

I will have to share my testimony in public, pray for calm nerves, clarity, and that I don't throw up!

For J to speak only God's words!

For a peaceful outcome!

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday,

Heather Kay


  1. We will be praying and you will be fine. Just pretend they're all in their underwear. LOL No just be yourself and they will love you. JD, not sure what to tell you. Haha, just kidding bud, you have our support.

  2. Email me with the details when you get home!

  3. Heather dear.

    Unfortunatley, I did not see this until now. And, while I didn't get time to read it yet, I kind of peaked a ahead and know what you are going to say. Congratulations, all around. I look forward to reading all the details, tomorrow. I need to finish an email and fix dinner so I can be at class in two hours.

    Excited hugs for you my friend!