Saturday, October 24, 2009

Packing Missi

As I said, I have been packing all week. Our dogs have both been very curious about this. We have a Pomeranian named Missi that we adopted from an animal shelter. We also have a large outside dog named Gator, he was dumped in the front yard and just kind of weedled his way into our hearts.

Yesterday, Missi decided that she better get packed. First, while I was loading the van she went out and jumped in with the boxes. This is very unusual for her because she is afraid of getting in and out of the van. She was shocked severely from chewing through a computer cord when a puppy, then one time while I was pulling her out of the van she rec'd a shock from the static. She has not forgotten it and still clings to us when we are trying to take her anywhere.

Then last night when we got home I heard a big commotion in the bedroom when I looked this is what I found.

She dug out a few of the newspapers to make room for herself. Do you think she is ready to go?


  1. Aww! Her wanted to make sure you didn't forget her. Her's a mess.

  2. Remember how Measley got in my travel bag when I packed to go birding? I'll email you a pic if you want to post it.

  3. Sounds like more confirmation on where God is moving you. Praise God!
    Tammy B.