Thursday, October 22, 2009

Me and My BIG Mouth

So, we are moving. When I realized we would be moving I told myself that I would take my time. I even promised the kids that we would be moved in by Thanksgiving. That was Sunday. Monday I started planning, Tuesday I started moving, yesterday was J's day off and we moved some more. So far we have taken 5 van loads over to the parsonage.

I am a conqueror. (hear me roar) Once I set my mind to something, my strong willed nature takes over and there is no (little) stopping me. So J had his hands full yesterday. It started with me doing my Bible Study in the morning. I was so excited from the night before with the ladies that I hollered in and told him I really want to go to Bible Study next Tuesday. "We can do my birthday Saturday instead." He blew me off, saying I wasn't going to go on my birthday. I didn't think anything of this, we always have a romantic date on our b'days so I was willing to skip Bible Study.

Moving on....then we are packing the vans. I kept asking him when we could move. You see, I realized that I could be ready as soon as Saturday. The kids are much older this time, I just went through their rooms and closets and gutted them, this would be much easier than the last time I moved. My new home is over looking a beautiful hillside of trees all changed with magnificent fall color. I had dreams of talking J into moving before those leaves were all on the ground.

I was relentless, I said, "how about next Thursday?", "okay, if not next Thursday, how about Sunday?", "please just give me a date?" On and on I went.

Then I started to pout, "well if you don't want to move, why are we doing this today?", "we might as well put it off if YOU are going to just make me wait weeks anyway!"

Then finally about 3 o'clock the light bulb came on! He must be planning something for my birthday! As soon as I figured it out, he knew. He has always been able to read me. Oh was he ticked. I of course began to back pedal. "We don't have to move next week." "Let's just forget about it, we'll talk about it later."

You see, next Tuesday is my 40th (AHHH!!) birthday. Before the church, I was expecting he would do something bigger than usual for me. Then I really just put it out of my mind. I was perfectly happy to move that week. He only gets 1 day off a week and I assumed we would move.

So, I ruined J's big surprise.

I really am sorry!

BUT, I am also very excited!

I am going out to dinner and to spend a romantic night in a souped up jacuzzi suite for my birthday next week! Then he is taking me Flea Marketing! WOO HOO! (he even set up the child care!)

So much for that post yesterday about keeping my eye out for those little decisions!

Have a great day and watch your tongue! That world of iniquity! (James 3:6)

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  1. Well everyone, I tried. I even acted like moving wasn't that big of a deal. (Are you kidding???) I am just as excited as you are babe!! We will have a great time on your birthday and we will get all moved in....sometime:)