Monday, October 26, 2009

A God Thing

The new church was in need of office furniture for the Pastor's office. J & our Worship Leader, Michael, have been doing a lot of research. They thought they found the answer for the desk off of Craigslist. They drove together to the house, the desk was nice and they were going to buy it. Then they tried to get it out of the room. They took the desk apart and removed the doors, it would not go out the door. J leaned to Michael and said, "I think God is trying to tell us something." They left without that desk.

They continued searching and found a set that sounded good. When they went to look J was thrilled with the furniture. When the man heard it was for a church he threw in an office chair and an all in one Dell printer, fax, copier. All for a very reasonable price! If they would have bought that other desk they would have had a very difficult time finding matching pieces and I'm sure it would have cost much more.

Now look at the picture. See how the book shelves and the hutch all go perfectly together? The bookshelf on the left did not come with the furniture J & Michael bought. A couple in our church has the exact same set of furniture! When they realized J would need the extra bookshelf they lovingly donated it. They have had that set for several years. Amazing isn't it?

That's what we call A God Thing!

Have a beautiful Monday!


  1. Wow, that is so awesome! It looks really nice too. Looking at that picture my heart swells up with happiness for J. He's going to be back where he belongs.

  2. It is so good to look into this picture and see a warmth. I am so thrilled that God has brought your family to our Church family. I pray that our little church conitues to be blessed through you and your sweet, sweet family. We already love you guys and look forward to growing closer and closer.
    Tammy B. PS... Tell Rev. J we said "HI"! LOL

  3. Hey, where are all of the Razorback deco's?

  4. Hey Rev. J, NIKI says hi too. Also, she wants to tell Karlee and Eli hi. See you guys Wednesday.
    Niki B.

  5. I don't see my gift to my pastor...razorback ....have a great birthday Miss Heather!

  6. Leah~I feel the same way
    Tammy~It is so neat to see warmth, that is what I was feeling but couldn't put it into words!
    Lori~I was impressed that the little pig was still on his desk.:) Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  7. Leah- thanks for the kind words and for being the only one on here not to call me rev.

    For the rest of you, there will be consequences!!!! :)