Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vacation Day 6

We planned on the family going on the Cog Railroad to Pikes Peak today. Karlee was still sick enough that I did not want to risk her being on the train and having a relapse and we were stuck for 3 hours. So, she and I dropped J & Eli off for the train and went to Manitou Springs for the day. That is the town at the base of Pikes Peak. It is full of little, overpriced tourist shops. It was fun to stroll together and we both bought a souvenir. She bought a zip up hoody and I bought a perfume decanter.

Here are some pic's from the guys outing. Eli said this was, "The best man to man time they ever had!"



  1. Oh, that's good he had fun and that you and KK found a nice little place to hang out. Little man will probably always remember his special time with dad.

  2. Hey, tell KK she's just supporting her Gator team with her flu bug. :-)

  3. Always good to have girl and guy separate time. Nice that you could actually work that out under the circumstances.