Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Vacation Day 4

Day 4 was cold, and Karlee has a sore throat, so we chilled out this morning. We didn't get around until lunch time. Then we headed to the (FREE) Focus on the Family headquarters. We were not sure what to expect. It was really great! First we split a large pizza for $12.00, then we went through the children's areas. They have a wonderful set up for children!

After that, we went to the American Numismatic Association Money Museum. Eli loves collecting coins, so this was a real highlight for him! This was $5 for adults and free to kids. It was well worth the $10.

Here are the pic's!

Focus on the Family children's area
Who can resist putting their heads in these things? Certainly not us!
You walk through a wardrobe to enter into Narnia.
The highlight for the kids, they got to record their own episode of Adventures in Odyssey. They offer this for free and give the kids a copy of their episode on c.d. If you ever go there be sure to go and sign your kids up for this as soon as possible. There are only a limited number of sessions available each day. We were excited to get the last open slot!

J did the sound effects!

Here are some pic's from the money museum.

That's all for today. Please pray for Karlee to get to feeling better and for protection for the rest of us. We will probably take it easy tomorrow, hoping that Karlee gets some needed rest and healing. We have two big activities planned for Friday & Saturday, hopefully we will be able to do them.



  1. Oh dear! Praying for KK! If you can get your hands on some salt or some vinegar you can have her gargle and that may help nip it in the bud. Hope she feels better soon. Glad you enjoyed the coin museum and the focus on the family.

  2. How fun was this day at FOTF!!! Sorry your girl got sick. Never fun, especially not on a family vacation.

  3. Great pictures, having a fine time I see.