Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vacation Day 3

Today we woke up to sunny skies! Hallelujah! The weather is still chilly with a high of only 47 today. That is fine because my very smart husband insisted that I pack the winter coats, hats, and gloves. I was insisting that he was being over cautious. I was WRONG! Thank you, J!

We ate our FREE hotel breakfast and then we took off to the FREE Garden of the Gods park. It is an awesomely beautiful place! You can see that we are in our winter coats and with them it was a tolerable and beautiful hike.

After that, we went to Five Guys Burgers for lunch. This was the splurge for the day. I had never been there and I had heard lots of great reviews. It did not let us down. That was a great lunch and we all left stuffed!!

Then we were off to the FREE Olympic Training Facility. There is a short tour that is really interesting and takes you through some of the workout facilities. The movie they show is really inspiring and gave me goose bumps more than once. We were all very impressed with the facilities.

I am including quite a few pictures in this post, but when I uploaded today's total there were 101, so consider yourself lucky I narrowed it down to this many!

The kids petting a buffalo beard, don't ask why, we don't know.

The family with Garden of the Gods in the background.

The next 10 pictures are all at the Garden of the Gods park.

Oops, how did THAT get in here?!

Olympic Training Facility
A view of Pikes Peak from OTF
Michael Phelps was here 3 months ago.

We are back at the hotel for an hour or two of relaxation and then we are going to go to Subway for dinner. We will buy a sub and get one free and each have a half. This should be a $7.00 meal to make up for lunch. All in all, today was my favorite day so far.

I am blogging about all of the deals, coupons, and free stuff not to brag but to give tips for others who want to take a family vacation but think they could never afford it. It can be done very economically with the right attitude and preparations.

Speaking of economical, when we were out on the trail I noticed that all of our winter coats were bought for a deal. Mine was $3.00 at a garage sale. Karlee's was $4.00 at a garage sale. Eli's was $3.00 at a garage sale, and it came with a light jacket he can wear for fall/spring and then it zips in for winter. J's was FREE, a gift from his dad. All of our gloves & hats were also bought either on clearance at the end of the season, or garage sales. I think we look pretty cute for bargain shoppers, don't you?



  1. So glad you had such a great day. Those are some awesome pics. Me and the kids really enjoyed them. Especially the buffalo beard one. LOL

  2. PS the kissing picture got a spontaneous "aww" from me and "eww" from the kids. E was wondering how high that one ledge was. Don't you wish I was there? :-) I told you that coat looked good on you didn't I?

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  4. Day 3 was a cool time as well, love the kids poses especially Eli laying in the rock. That was his best pose at roaring river also.