Friday, September 11, 2009

I (finally) Hit 100 Posts!!

I always love to read other peoples 100 things posts. As a matter of fact when I discover a new blog, I usually go there first. Often, I can tell if I want to stick around by that list. Now I have just put a lot of pressure on myself to have an awesome 100 things list. I really enjoyed reading Kat's 100 things because she had her family help. I am going to do the same.

1. I was born in the small town of Chelsea, Michigan
2. My dad taught me at a young age to say, "Oh how I hate Ohio State!"
3. I am the oldest of three
4. My dad has red hair and blue eyes
5. My mom has brown hair and green/hazel eyes
6. I have blond hair and brown eyes
7. They told me they got me out of a Mountain Dew can
8. I actually look like my aunt, my mom's sister
9. Growing up people told me often that I looked like Haley Mills in The Parent Trap
10. I am tall...5' 9"
11. I am the shortest of my siblings
12. My sister is 5' 11", my brother 6' 7"
13. I was a merciless big sister
14. My oldest does not get away with as much as I did
15. I am a people pleaser
16. I have had to learn to say no
17. J is still working with me to just say what I want
18. I still want him to read my mind
19. I feel very awkward in social situations
20. I like people who like to talk
21. I am good at being a listener
22. Unless I know you well, then I know how to talk...a lot
23. I love sharing advice
24. I love teenagers
25. I love teaching my children
26. I don't like teaching other peoples children
27. For instance I volunteer in Children's Church but I dislike/dread it
28. I would love to work with the Youth Group instead
29. This made me an odd and loved sub when my daughter was in school, everyone else wanted the little kids
30. I have great respect for teachers
31. I went to private Christian schools from kindergarten through graduation
32. This was at great sacrifice by my parents
33. I am grateful
34. I always wanted a tattoo
35. The two men in my life never thought this was a good idea (dad & J)
36. I am now really glad I never got one
37. In my twenties, I traveled all over our great nation
38. It was a wonderful experience
39. I spent my 21st birthday alone in Louisville, KY
40. I went on a horse trail ride in the Rocky's
41. That was an absolutely beautiful fall
42. My birthday is October 27th
43. The next year I was in New York
44. The colors of the leaves beat any others I have ever seen
45. I love to read
46. Mostly Inspirational Fiction
47. I love cookbooks
48. I like to try new things while cooking
49. I almost always tweak the recipes
50. I love fruit
51. Especially watermelon
52. I enjoy cleaning
53. Except bathrooms & mopping...I despise doing those
54. I love to exercise
55. I love to shop
56. Any shopping, especially bargain hunting, garage sales, antique malls, etc.
57. I am a daddy's girl
58. My dad still calls me almost every day
59. I am grateful for rollover minutes

I'm going to let the family take over

60. She's a great cook~Eli
61. She likes to play games while we hike together~Eli
62. I like playing volleyball in the house with her~Eli (we use a beach ball)
63. I love her~Eli
64. She likes to collect cookie jars~Eli
65. Her favorite flowers are Daisies~Karlee
66. She is Beautiful~J
67. She is an extremely compassionate person~J
68. She likes vintage glass~Karlee
68. She cares about everyone, especially senior citizens~J
69. She is the most unselfish person I have ever met~J
70. She loves to be outside~J
71. She loves her children~J

Karlee sent me this email
  1. I love your cooking
  2. You have great taste in antiques
  3. Mom loves all animals, she's always the first one to put the snake around her neck at the zoo.
  4. She makes the best chili I've ever had
  5. Mom loves to bake.
  6. She loves to spend time together as a family, and is super excited about vacation.
  7. She is one of my best friends
  8. She used to work for wal mart and she's traveled all over the country.
  9. She is famous for her backwards over the head shot in horse.
  10. I love her.
So that gets us through 81

82. I knew that I would name my oldest daughter Karleen Kay from the time I was about 10
83. She is named after my Aunt Karleen Kay (Kollie as I called her)(the one I look like)
84. I told ALL boyfriends that would be my first daughters name
85. My Aunt K set a great example of how to be a great Aunt
86. I hope I am like her in my nephew and nieces eyes
87. I was married in September of 96
88. I was saved in December of 96
89. I had Karlee in September of 97
90. I love Jesus
91. I love sharing what He has done for me
92. I would love to be a Pastor's wife again
93. The thing I miss most from being a pastor's wife is the hugs and being taken under the wing of the older ladies in the church. I never realized that was only happening because I had the PW title.
94. I am in love with my husband
95. I never really knew how sweet that could be
96. I am a happy person
97. I love shoes but am very limited because of my height and shoe size (11)
98. I always wear mascara....Every day
99. I love my sweet mama, she always made me a special birthday dress, every year
100. I am looking forward to the next 10, 20, 30 years to see what God has in store for my family

That was fun. It is hard to put the nice things in that my family said, but on the other hand I am very grateful that they did!



  1. 1.) A Great Bus Worker
    2.) A Great storm watching buddy
    3.) A Great older sister to my Marie
    4.) A Fantastic Psychotherapist
    5.) A Great lighter half of my beautiful Dark/Light Daughter Duo

  2. P.S. A Great Michigan Wolverine Fan.

  3. So fun, I hate doing things like this because I can never think of them. I love it when I have others helping me!
    Oh and by the way... I ALWAYS tweak my recipes!

  4. I enjoyed reading your "100 things" post! We also have the "Oh how I hate Ohio State" saying in our home... My mom's from Michigan as well and my grandfather taught at Michigan State. My brother is a huge Michigan fan! It gets interesting at home during football/basketball seasons!

  5. Can you believe that I have not looked at my dashboard since I returned from vacation? Until now? And I still have so many unread emails... I am getting ready to go away again but didn't want to go without stopping in to say hi and I am thinking of you even if I have not been around. I am thinking I will get caught up on my blog reading while I am in Italy not sleeping without my husband:)

    Our family is so excited and so blessed at all the wonderful answers to prayer coming your way right now. Praise God for His goodness to you all in so many amazing ways!



  6. OOPS! Forgot to say... great 100 and congratulations on reaching a great mile stone! Aren't you glad you stuck with it?