Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Doodle

Happy 12th Birthday Karlee!

Today is my daughters 12th birthday. She is a wonderful girl who is bright and lovely.

Here are some of her famous quotes:

When she was around 2 I was laying with her trying to get her to sleep and I said, "Why don't you just close your eyes and go to sleep?" and she replied, "Why don't you just put on a space helmet and fly to the moon?"

She has always been very good at her language skills and around 3 she was very interested in learning Spanish. She always got into bed with us by about 5am. One morning as I was trying to wake up I noticed I had wet sticky stuff all over me. I asked, "What's all over me?" She replied, "It's squenchers." I asked, "What's squenchers?" She replied, "It's Spanish for diarrhea!" Yes, my child had the flu and she made up the name that still stands for diarrhea in our house to this day.

At 5 her AWANA teacher asked the class if they could have anything in the world that they wanted, what would it be? As the other children were saying, dolls, cars, etc. My girl raised her hand and very seriously said, "my drivers license".

Her grandmother was here visiting for Easter and preparing baskets and what not. Karlee came to me obviously concerned. I asked her what was wrong and she said that Nori still believed in the Easter Bunny and that we shouldn't ruin it for her.

Here is the youngest picture I have of her on my computer. She is almost 5 and we are on a family vacation in Branson, Mo.

She loves hot tubs. We are leaving on vacation today and we made sure our hotel has a hot tub for her!

5 year old birthday

This was her favorite ride, (Branson the next year)
Playing guitars and singing with her Nan at church
With her cousins (who she loves) not wanting her picture taken!
An Easter with her bubby (5 or 6)
She loves the county fair, it is usually the week of her birthday
Being silly
She is a great big sister!
There are lots of pictures in my camera of her taking pictures of herself in the is one
She loves the snow and dislikes the heat
Those silly cousins
Another Easter and the only picture I could find that I was in with her
This is her dog, Missy, they are a inseparable pair

She finally got some wheels, her scooter for birthday this year
She loves her daddy!
First time I let her wear makeup, to her birthday party last week

Her best friends skating at the party last week
Beautiful at 12
I hope you have a wonderful year. You are an amazing girl and I love you very much.


  1. Happy Birthday KK!!! What a lovely tribute to a fantastic, bright girl!

  2. She is an amazing girl,I'm proud to be her Papa. Her Mom is right to be proud of her. I am proud of her Mom and Dad for doing their part to make that so. I am also proud of her Brother for the hard work he puts in molding her character. You are a great family.

  3. This has been my first chance to be online since leaving for vacation on the 12th. I loved seeing the pictures of Karlee at various ages. One thing I want to know is when is the awkward stage supposed to kick in? It is just as I always suspected since I saw that sweet little face on the ultra sound, we have a beauty who just keeps growing more and more lovely. Of course all the wonderful things that I know about her character and personality are the most important. I pray that God will give her a great year and prepare and strengthen her parents (and all of us) for the next big year when she enters her TEENS (can you believe that!) Just kidding. Happy 12th Birthday Karlee!
    Lots and lots of Love,