Monday, September 14, 2009

Goals Part 2

We had a busy weekend, full of college football, J preaching and an exciting meeting. Then yesterday I kicked it into overdrive. With just 5 days left it was time to mark some more of my goals off.

I had J's help with the floors. He knows that I do not like to mop, so we have an arrangement. I move everything, sweep and swiffer the floors and he mops for me. We got this done last Thursday.

I took a multitude of the kids tests to Office Depot and made the copies awhile ago. Yesterday, I offered Karlee $5.00 an hour to help me put the rest of the work together to mail in all of the end of the year stuff for grading. This is really tedious work and I hate it! (that's why it has not been done when we have been out of school since the middle of May) It is right up her alley. She loves to organize and she did a great job. So I will be able to mark that goal off by the end of today.

Eli & I tackled his room yesterday. It was much harder than Karlee's because he is a collector. He collects rocks from our hikes. He collects feathers. He collects coins. He collects paper weights. He collects Star Wars. I could go on like this for about 15 more sentences. Also, EVERYTHING is a treasure. I was not able to clean nearly as much out of his room but we did organize it and at the end there was 1 garbage bag full gone.

By the way the black paint in both of my kids rooms is chalk board paint. It has been so fun for them to be able to write on their walls, and have their friends and relatives sign the walls when they are here. The chalk wipes right off with a wet rag.

So the last of my goals would be to clean my closet and order this years school. I have started on the ordering process for school this year but I am raising the white flag of surrender when it comes to my closet. I will leave that for October. I am going to be selling a lot on Ebay and I just really don't have anywhere else for it to go now.

Here are some pictures.
The Before


The After

Ahh, mopped floors with clean rugs

I had to make the first footprint on my clean rug...yes that's my huge foot :)

Have a great day!


  1. Ooh! Eli's room looks great! Way to go!

  2. Eli's before pictures look like a cousin of his that lives near me. Great job getting it straight. The footprint looked a little like Sasquatch's, but then I noticed that the toe had been broken 20 or 30 times and I knew it was yours.