Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy, Busy

We got home late last night from our anniversary trip. We went to Mountain Home, Arkansas. It is a very pretty area. We traveled through Eureka Springs on the way over and stopped for a little shopping. Actually, the only thing we bought was a kids size ice cream and the only reason we bought it was to get $1.00 back in quarters to pay for our parking.

There is something about Eureka that rubs J the wrong way. He is always on a mission just to conquer the place. Normally, he will go nice and slow with me and look around when we are out shopping, but not there. Anyway, we went to several Antique Malls over the couple of days and really had a great time.

Now, I am back with just 9 days for my deadline. I was feeling pretty discouraged this morning, but I got started on Eli's room and I am going to keep plugging away at it.

I better get back to it.



  1. What a nice trip for the two of you. I know that you will meet your goal...even if it takes you a little longer than planned. And if it does, who cares???

    I am glad you all were able to manage a little get away. I have never heard of Eureka and I've never been to Arkansas but someplace named Eureka just sounds like it has to be fun!

    Look forward to some picture, HK.

  2. I was thinking I would list here my next 5 days so it will make you feel better...

    general list of must dos before leaving on vacation...

    make arrangements for care takers for house, pets, pool, gardens

    take rolled coins from vacation jar to the bank and trade out for cash

    finish ordering school books

    making check lists for school

    lesson plans

    finish bulletin boards

    buy plane tickets for trip to italy in Novemeber

    organize, make reservations and plan mom's seventy birthday party on October 17...send invites

    makes arrangements for trip to Ohio on October 9-11 (3 days after returning from this trip)

    clean out school room closet and clear last years stuff off shelves (no time to do it when we return...see above)

    clean out fridge

    do laundry


    turn off water and power for duration

    buy crickets...we always have to buy crickets!

    put away summer furniture outdoors, bring in plants

    find someone who won't kill my orchid while I am gone...I have actually kept it alive since Mother's Day

    finish the homework assignments I will miss while I am away... 4 weeks to go

    pack my already packed theirs

    cut allen's hair

    take entries to the fair grounds enter one time and the teens and adults another... how lame is that?

    make arrangements for items to be picked up at the end of the fair.

    menses are be sick for 3 days

    finish scheduling posts for the next four weeks

    shop and wrap Emma's birthday gifts

    and come up with one for my mom...any ideas???

    Friday thru Sunday afternoon church family camp

    Sunday afternoon family obligation to volunteer at library and founders day event

    Monday Abeka fair to get books with twelve percent shipping discount

    tuesday boys haircuts

    wednesday allergy shots

    make sure I don't drive poor hubby and kids crazy and give them lots of hugs, kisses and quality time so they still feel loved...and will take me on vacation with them. :)

    Now that I took time to write all this I am going to have to copy and paste it into a post...times a wasting, my sweet friend.

    Surely, you must feel better now... I will not meet more goals than you will:)

    Happy very rainy Friday!