Thursday, August 20, 2009

Would You Have Killed It?

I was making my usual, every single day, as long as tomatoes are fresh from the garden, blt.

When, I spied this on my counter behind the toaster!

I WAS scared of it. But, I couldn't kill it. So, I did this.

That is my strainer and a piece of copy paper. I let it out the back door and I'm pretty sure it turned around and waved a thank you on it's way around the corner.

Would you have killed it?


  1. Yes, I would have killed it. Actually I would have hollered for DW to come kill it. :-)

  2. You know I wouldn't,that was an interesting way to get it out though. I'm glad you figured it out.

  3. I definitely would have killed it. How about a BLTS? Nothing wrong with adding a little protein to the sandwich!!!

    Love you bunches!!!!

  4. No. I am not bothered by spiders at all. I am terrified of snakes and while I am not scared of mice I don't want their little germy selves in my house, but spiders no big deal. However, and this is a big secret, my dear husband hates them!

    What is the number on your vacation countdown??? I need to update my picture. It is way behind...but it has been a busy week.

  5. Hi, HK.

    I was doing some housekeeping and noticed you had not picked up your award on 9-19. It was while I was out of town so I couldn't notify you as I normally would. Stop by when you have a minute!