Friday, August 7, 2009

What Kind Of Gloves Was That?

My sister said I should tell another Eli story. It involves her son D.W. My nephew D.W. is a full blown boy. The kind where you never know what is in his pockets or on his fingers. Well he has had a cold this week and when he gets a cold the normal, gross boy stuff is multiplied by, oh about, 1000. I was asking Eli yesterday if he would like to have D.W. over for awhile to play. Eli immediately went to the drawer where I keep the gloves for scrubbing toilets and other gross jobs, and said, "Okay, but I want him to wear these antibiotical gloves".

Ya'll have a great weekend, ya hear! (the kids and I are watching The Beverly Hillbillies right now)

Heather Kay


  1. Hee Hee! That's a good one! LOL

  2. Hey! That is some good thinking. I might try that next time my kids get a cold and maybe I will be spared for a change.