Monday, August 17, 2009

Quick Weekend Recap

Friday, my sister and I went grocery shopping. I was really wanting some new panties and we had to go to JC Penney for a watch battery. I was good and stayed far away from the lingerie section. We then went to a Womens Shelter Store. We had never been there before apparently people donate clothes, shoes, books, furniture etc. and they sell it to help support the shelter ministry. I found 2 pairs of Victoria's Secret panties brand new, with the tag, in my size, for only 50 cents apiece!! WOO HOO! (I typically call this a tithe blessing)

Saturday, Leah & I went to see Julie & Julia. I loved it! I was not thrilled with the language and would not let my daughter see it. However, the message of strong happy marriages and all of the cooking just made me fall in love with it. After the movie we walked through a Flea Market. That was fun. I found a cookbook that I have rented from the library and enjoy for only $2.50. I ask them to hold it at the desk. Then I left without it. Oh well.

Sunday, J preached for a church in MO. He brought a great message about who God is, using Psalm 23 as his scripture. It was really wonderful! We had a nice day with my sister and her husband. We had an old family favorite for lunch. Bologna gravy with eggs on biscuits. If you have never had this, you are missing out! My granny who is a wonderful Kentucky cook used to make this for us. She always made fried apples on the side. Mmm Mmm!

Today, I am catching up laundry, walked 2.5 miles, mailing some things at the P.O., and babysitting my neighbors little guy.

Here's to a great Monday!


  1. yeah that movie was so awesome! The best one I've seen in years! Great recap of a great weekend.

  2. We went to see Julie and Julia last week and I was shocked at how much we liked it. We knew nothing about it going into it but it turned out to be great. And I too was impressed with the amazing message on marriage. Don't see that often.

    I love fried apples. We usually make them in the fall. But I must admit I have never had bologna gravy.