Thursday, August 13, 2009

Public Service Announcement

Today I was doing my usual clean up day. What is it about having your husband home for a day that just destroys the place?! I had it pretty clean on Tuesday, but this morning I wake up and it is back trashed again. Anyway, while I was cleaning, I noticed I was dealing with more dust than usual. This reminded me that I had not changed the air filter in awhile. Sure enough it needed to be changed. While I was dealing with it anyway, I pulled the vacuum out and cleaned the grill. (not sure what that thing is called) The easiest way I have found to do this is to use the brush attachment on my vacuum. This made me think of the coils on my refrigerator. I checked those out and sure enough they were need of a vacuuming also.

So the reminder of the day is check your air filter, and clean your coils on your fridge. Doing both of these will even save you money!

Do you have any mid summer tips to share?


  1. HK.

    Thanks for the reminder. I never vacuum my fridge coils even though I know I should. It seems when I think of it my dh is not home to move the blasted thing.

    Hiking in Co sounds so nice. When do you all go away. We will go to Georgia. We go every fall for a while. It is our favorite do nothing and take it easy spot. We have had a very busy time this whole year and the next few months will be even more so. I am looking forward to sitting around reading some novels and playing board games for a while.


  2. I find it funny that the house was a mess the day after I was home seems how we were gone all day Wednesday. How exactly does that relate to me??

    My mid summer tip- Let your wife change the air filter and clean the coils on the refrigerator!!!

    I Love You!!!