Monday, August 31, 2009

Out of Commission

I am going to have my good friends 3 kids for the next three days. They have a boy who is Eli's age and a girl who is 7 and a little guy who is 4. This is a house full for us but the kids really keep each other entertained, for the most part. This friend is due to have a baby girl on October 25th, and this is giving her and her husband a little alone time first.

Karlee got all ready for them to come this morning. This is her babysitting look.

She is really a great babysitter!

I'll post again on Thursday....Lord willin' and the creek don't rise...(hoaky Arkansas saying)


  1. cute hairdo KK! Happy Babysitting!

  2. How cute, Karlee looks. It sounds like you are going to have some fun. I remember years ago when we had the two girls. We kept our friends 5 kids for a long weekend. Including their newborn twins. It was such a blast.

  3. Arkansas Saying? I've heard that since I was young in Michigan. Maybe it spread from Michigan to Arkansas.