Monday, August 3, 2009

One Thing I Did This Week

I am joining Kat's daughter Brianna in the One Thing I Did Last Week meme. One thing I did last week was feed the hummingbirds. I was lamenting the slow return of the hummers last month and all of a sudden about 3 weeks ago they were here in full force. I realize that many of them are young birds who have recently fledged. Anyhow, I am now feeding them all the time. I make at least 12 cups of nectar a day. The feeders you see in this video are 4 cups each. I fill one and make the nectar for the next empty one. I always have my 4 cup measuring cup full of nectar on the counter now. My son even has an extra chore for the summer. We call it the "hummingbird chore" when I make the nectar I put it in the microwave for 5 minutes. I am often on to the next task before the microwave is done. My microwave beeps every so often until you acknowledge that it is done by opening the door. So, my sons "hummingbird chore" is to keep up with opening and closing the microwave door so that I do not have to hear that annoying beep. The video is a little long (2 minutes) but if you stick with it you will see a couple great shots of the birds close up. The males have the red throat. These are all Ruby Throated hummingbirds. I am standing right beside the feeders and my dog was barking so I did not get as many birds to come up as are typically out there. I was watching them last night and at one point all three feeders were full (this would be 30 birds) and there were at least 20 birds buzzing around waiting for a turn. You can hear the hum of their wings in my house with the windows shut. I love these amazing little birds!

I wish you all a beautiful Monday!
Heather Kay


  1. Hi!
    Last year we had a ton of humming birds and this year we havn't seen any yet. Very sad. Especialley for Mom and Emma who loved to sit on the deck and watch them.
    Thanks for doing joining me!
    Hope you have a great week!

  2. By the way, I just got the mcklinky set up if you want to come over and sign in!

  3. Wow! That's a lot of nectar. I think at our peak I do about 8 cups a week. I am glad that they have rejoined you. And I am praising God along with you for the beauty He gives us each day.