Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Great Resources

Yesterday, while browsing my favorite spots, I came across two great resources for recovering couples. These are both couples who were in ministry and almost lost their marriages to affairs. There are many similarities to our stories.

Cindy Beall
has her story outlined on the side bar in a very easy to read set up. She has a great mentoring part of her blog also!

The Davis' have a wonderful video on their site. Scroll over their About tab and click on audio video to find it. It is 27 minutes long so leave yourself some time to watch it. It is powerful!

I am so thankful to them and others for being willing to share their story of hope! There is hope! There is a better marriage, life, relationship, whatever you are seeking, it is out there and it can be found when we put Jesus 1st.

Heather Kay


  1. Hi Miss Heather Kay,
    Just wanted to let you know I have tagged you for 5 things I did this summer. You can stop by my blog for details.
    Have a great day!

  2. HK.

    I know that you are reaching and blessing others with your willingness to put your heart on the line and remain transparent in regards to all your trials.



  3. Definetley Disney. I have a bad habit of being a critic of a movie cast, and I can not stand the other cast. Not that they are bad actors, but, to me, they are aweful at the parts. I think Disney did a great job casting. I had my doubts about there P.C. but he turned out not to be to bad either. So yep, I'm a critic. And it drives me crazy sometimes, but thats how I was made.
    Have a awesome Thursday!
    ♥ Nana