Saturday, August 8, 2009

G Day 2009

I live in a small town. We have to drive about 20 minutes any direction to get to a Wal-Mart and I live within 20 minutes of Wal-Marts home office. I have lived in this small town for 13 years now, with the exception of the 3 months in Misery (oh I mean Missouri). It is a wonderful little town. Sometimes I long for the Target to be 5 minutes away instead of 30, but over all it has been a good quiet life here. Today is the 116th annual Gravette Day. I really didn't want to go, it is hot and I hate crowds. I really don't like the greedy little kids knocking each other down for a tootsie roll. But, my son will say about 10 times a year, "I love living in Gravette, I love Gravette Day, it is so fun to live in a town like this, where else can you live with a Gravette Day?!" So, I gave them their choice about going. Karlee wanted to go to the car show only. Eli wanted to do it all. So, do it all we did. I am always brought near to tears when our little band plays The Star-Spangled Banner. I fall in love with my little town all over again, standing there looking down the street, seeing people I haven't seen all year. I am always glad I went. Here are some pic's of the fun.

Eli had $5 from babysitting yesterday and he spent $2 on this slide. He said it was worth it!

Look closely this used to be a lawn mower. This guy was a character!
J's boss and also a Senator

What would a parade be without the Beauy Queens?

The guy driving this car was such a cutey! The float in front of him read 50 years and still rollin!
It was the graduating class of '59.

Hula Girls!

The band

Main Street

Karlee and one of her favorite cars

Eli in front of my favorite


Eli's #2 favorite

The photo above is Eli's #1 favorite car! He really had a hard time leaving it behind.


  1. Oh darn, you make me wish I hadn't bribed my kids into not going this year. lol Oh well, you should see my awesome newly organized cabinets.

  2. We hope you enjoyed the car show. This was our first year to organize the event and we had a blast. Everyone that came as a participant or to look was so nice and wonderful really made the day go by so fast. The Boys and Girls Club was able to raise some money to help us and we look forward to doing it again next year and having more cars and more fun!!!

  3. It looks like a great day and sounds like a special place to live. My boys love old car shows. As a matter of fact they are looking forward to one next Sunday in our town.

  4. The cars are awesome! The kids ain't bad either!