Saturday, August 22, 2009

Flashback, I'm a Prankster

I have always been a bit of a prankster. I was thinking about this story last night. My brother is 5 years younger than me. When he was born, he was my baby. My mom says that I never let him fuss. I spoiled him rotten all of his years. He was an easy child to spoil because he had/has a very sweet personality and always aimed to please. My sister and I would get frustrated because we always got our share of the spankings but our "perfect" brother rarely got one. (We both know it was because we were the one that deserved them, it still doesn't make it very fun)

Anyway over the years, Sam & I have remained great friends. When he was in his teen years I was working full time, had a decent car, and most of my income was spent on fun. We would go on adventures to Tampa and find new places to eat, or go out to the beach and find the only spot with 1000's of sand spurs. I never missed his basketball games and baked his team cookies for the away games.

This brings me to this flashback. One time he and I went canoeing. We lived in Florida, and the area we were in had lots of alligators. I mean a lot! I have always loved the thrill of an adventure so I just thought this was great. Somewhere along the way I thought how much fun it would be to scare my mom just a little. She is a very cautious and protective mom. I know that I gave her more than her share of trouble growing up. This was one of those times.

When we were safely back on land and on the way home. I stopped off at a pay phone. I called and my mom answered. I told her in my most excited voice that we were at the hospital and Sam had been bit by an alligator. (I think I said had his leg bit off) Anyway about the time the fun was about to start, my DAD picked up the other line. Suddenly this was not going to be a funny story. I started stammering and handed Sam the phone, telling him to explain. He quickly handed it back and I feebly said, "just kidding". That was one of those rides home where your heart is in your throat all the way!

My mom was still having heart palpitations when we got there. She was sitting in her favorite rocking chair. You need to know that my mom is 5' 5" and the smallest of my family. My brother is 6' 7". She sat holding her overgrown teenager in her lap, while I got the much deserved lecture about not scaring your mother.

Good times, Good times!


  1. Only a "Super-Dad" wouldn't have killed you.

  2. OH MY GOODNESS!! I can't believe you did that! Mom, I'll go beat her butt for ya.

  3. HK...

    Happy Sunday! Please stop my blog today and pick up a little treat I have for you.



  4. HK,
    I laughed and cried, just as I often have done over the years about you three. What Mother wouldn't?

    Sam's Little Mommer & Your Futh
    (Tell your sister thanks, she knows how I was\am.)

  5. I would have given you more than a lecture:)

    Please stop by my blog and read all about the Country fair I am going to host in September. I would love to see you enter some of your special goodies!