Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Edited to add, I am going to put this on WFMW so that I will have a few more homeschooling mama's stop by. As for my WFMW I do really love the CLASS system especially for people who were like me. As a stay at home mom with no teaching experience, I was afraid of putting together my own curriculum, I was worried about scoring and keeping records and CLASS did all of that for me. It is a great method to use to ease into homeschooling!

Okay, I know that I am terribly behind but this is how I roll. I am a homeschooling mama who LOVES summer. I live for the first time I can go outside barefooted and that first dip in the pool. I am ba humbug about fall/winter and sitting in front of a fire with hot chocolate. I like to get out and do!

So, I haven't even started to think about starting school yet. My typical year we start no later than the 1st of October. We go 5 days a week full speed ahead until Christmas break. Then we cut back to 4 plus about an hour on Fridays until mid-May. I have used the CLASS curriculum for all 3 years I have home-schooled. I like it because it holds me accountable, they score the kids tests and keep all of the records for me. The only thing I have an issue with is the Math curriculum. We have tried both the MCP math and Saxon with Karlee and neither one has worked very well.

I am wondering what curriculum you use? Do you use a certain system? I am open to changing things up a bit this year. I am especially going to need help teaching Math in the high school years.

I would love any and all suggestions!

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  1. Oh, HK. You must check out Math-U-See. We went through math after math for 5 years including all the top rated ones like Saxon until we found Math-U-See. The kids love it. I love it. It is easy to teach (comes with teaching videos for the math disabled like me) and we all understand it. Once they reach 5th grade or so they pretty much teach themselves and did I say they think math is FUN??? That was not always the case. KK and I used to end each day crying over math.

    For Grammar we use Easy Grammar. Again it makes the concepts so much easier to understand and gets rid of all the excess stuff.

    We use Abeka for Literature, Science, health, spelling/vocabulary/poetry.

    We also supplement our science with CSE materials.

    History is new this year. We are trying truth quest which looks like a lot of fun. The commentary shows God in amazing ways.

    Bible is Rod and Staff.

    I should point out that we are no nonsense Bible/math/language focused. When they complete those assignments then we focus on what I consider the fluff of school.

    We like you do not begin until the second week of October or so. Actually, today I was working on a post to that effect. The weather is just too nice to be strapped to school books all day.

    Email me if you have any questions or I can be of any help.


  2. Can I say you sound so much like my Mom? We all Love summer and hate to see it go. Since we take our vacation in September-October we don't start until we get home. Of course then we have to work like CRAZY so we can stay on target. But Mom does a great job, of making it not to stressful. I love school, I think we all do, and can't wait to get started, but you have to remember that summer is OVER when you do start. I' sure Mom will tell you this, but i thought I would say it anyway. We use Math-u-see for (guess what?) math! I love it! It makes everthing visual, and is so easy to understand. There is a about 10 min. DVD you watch for every lesson, and then 5 workbook pages, and a test. And thats all for a week! Cool or what? They have a web site, and I would really recommend checking it out. Mom could tell you more, but I thought you would like to hear it from the view of the student. Easy Grammer, by Wanda Philips (you can googel them too) is another great curriculum. I am not a big fan of grammer (can you tell?) but Love doing Easy Grammer. Rod and Staff, has a great Bible (grade 5-11) and reading program(for grades 1-4) progrem we use. The company is run by menonites so is not on the web, but I could give you the phone #. We use Abeka for everthing else. I just love there text books. They are full of photos, and they really keep your interest.
    Hope this helps!

  3. Kat & Nana,
    Thank you so much for your input. I have been checking out your suggestions and they sound great! You are much appreciated!

  4. I have our curriculum posted on my blog (it's for all subjects and most things are linked) in the upper navigation bar.

    We have started school already this year, but I wish we were still on summer break too!