Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bloody Murder

The four of us were in the car driving home the other day. We got to talking about babies and how both of my kids were really rough babies. Karlee is oldest and she just does not require a lot of sleep. She never has. She didn't really sleep a solid 8 hours until she was about 5. Her brother came along when she was 2 and 1/2 and he was sick for the first couple of years, so neither one of them were sleeping through the night. Then about the time Karlee started sleeping through the night, Eli started having night terrors. If you have ever had a child with night terrors you know that they will "wake up" screaming but they are not really there. My son would hold his body very rigid and stare at me screaming. (In my family it is called screaming bloody murder) I learned to take him on a drive to bring him out of it. When this started we still lived in the country and I would just strap him in the front seat and drive the dirt roads until he would come out of it. We moved into town and I continued to take him out to my van at odd hours of the night, screaming his head off and drive him until he woke up. My neighbor at the time was in his 80's and didn't really hear very well so I didn't think he probably knew anything about it. Until one day we were talking and he mentioned hearing my son screaming during the night. I apologized to him and tried to explain the night terrors. When I told Eli that his bloody murder screaming woke up an 80 year old, hard of hearing neighbor this really gave him the giggles.

Anyway, I mentioned that story to Karlee & Eli on that drive the other day. A little while later they were being annoying (on purpose) and singing this song they had made up, over and over. J told them that if they said the words yoda, soda, or pop again, when we got home he was going to hold them down and tickle them for 30 seconds each. Of course they could not resist singing the song one more time. Then they began to dread "the tickling" for the last 10 minutes of the ride. When we got home J got a hold of Karlee first and after much laughing and screaming her 30 seconds was over. It was Eli's turn and he was scared! He started running from J, and when J finally caught him he started screaming, "Bloody Murder, Bloody Murder!" I was getting dinner ready and I about fell on the floor laughing. He had it in his head that when we said he used to scream bloody murder, he literally said the words bloody murder!


  1. Oh Eli! LOL! Our own little laugh factory!!

  2. Ok I have to ask. Which version of the Narnia movies did you watch? Had you seen them before?
    Oh my too funny! I know about night terrors all to well. All of the boys get them when they don't nap.

  3. That Eli is such a clown!

    Tell J to watch out for those tickle fights. My kids and hubby do that all the time. I can not tell you how many times we've had to make emergency runs to get his glasses fixed and he has broken his toe two times!

    Several of my kids have had minor night terrors but Nathaniel had them so severe. I found that being over tired (like Sunday nights when his nap schedule was disrupted and we were out late in the evening for church) would make them a certainty. For a long time I stopped going to Sunday night Bible study because it became so severe. He did eventually out grow it but walks in his sleep once in a while. The interesting thing that caught my attention was when you said that Eli had been sick for some time. Nathaniel was very ill from 6 months until 1 year. I wonder if there is some connection? Not that it matters...they are both well now, praise the Lord, but my inquiring mind is wondering.