Friday, July 3, 2009

When Your Broke and You Have A Date

A good friend of mine invited my kids to spend the afternoon and night with her family yesterday. This set J and I up for a date. Only problem was, we had no $ to spare. So, this is what we did. Went to get our necessary groceries. Drove thru Chick-fil-A for a cheap dinner. Put the groceries away and went on a long drive down a dirt road.

The long drive was my favorite part. We took a plastic bowl a piece and both looked carefully out the window for blackberries. We have not had rain here in a couple weeks, and it has been very hot, so the blackberries are kind've small and hard to find this year. I have hope that this week will be better, because just last night we had a good soaking rain.

These roads were not new to us. Our first little house was on this road. At one point we had a 4 wheeler and we spent many fun hours exploring all of the dirt roads surrounding ours. We had 2 places with swimming holes and fun memories. We drove by the spot of J's dirt bike accident. When I was pregnant with our daughter we would walk each evening down this dirt road. The blackberries were plentiful that year. We always had a sack with us and came home with it brimming with juicy, ripe berries. Such sweet memories!

We came across this herd of cows and I thought the little white calf was so cute, I couldn't resist getting a picture. J took it with his iPhone. If you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see the calf better, it's over on the right.

I am still learning how to put the pictures up and put script around them where I want, and I can not figure out how to end this post under the picture of the cows. So, I will end it here. UGH!
Have a happy, safe 4th!


  1. Yummy looking blackberries! You guys are always so creative with your dates.

  2. I know where this old mud bog is!

  3. We are just starting to get some blackberries in.

    Some of my favorite memories were those dates when we were broke and just walked along the creek or through the park. There were many years when we had no sitter at all and a date was sitting on the deck after the kids went to bed with a cup of coffee. It doesn't matter what you long as you do it together.