Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday at the Antique Malls

Today was J's day off. Our girl, Doodle, is spending the night with a friend, so we took Big Man and went to Antique Malls. I thought it would be fun to take along the camera and show you some "finds".
Big Man found this smiley guy for $.59

I would love to have Fred on my kitchen counter!

I always have to try on the hats!

My dates for the day

Another hat, J liked this one.

Phone Home!

Just down-right SCARY


When I am gone, this will be J's add in the singles column.
I don't know why, I was just drawn to her

I love old postcards, envelopes, and stamps

I am in the market for a vintage cookie jar, I thought this one was really cute, and only $9!

Love this green

More green

Wanted these

I have a lot of turquoise in my kitchen, this would fit right in!

I am in love with this vaseline glass frog. J, this is a b'day hint!

If I were a wealthy woman, I would own all of this vaseline glass right now!

J was tired of taking my picture, so I tried it myself.
This is all I brought home. It is a trivet and has dried flowers in the middle. I paid $2, and I love it!
On the way home I mentioned blackberries and J stopped. So sitting on top of my brand new trivet is a lovely blackberry cobbler.
Do you enjoy going to Antique Malls?


  1. love this post! very interesting, ah-hem, what happened to my bowl of blackberry cobbler?

  2. I love the trivet and also the postcards. When I was young, my dad who is a romantic, decided to give each of his daughters an antique valentine for Valentine's Day, instead of the Hallmark version. I was hooked immediately on old postcards and letters. I adored imagining who it was from and why they sent it to that particular person and wondering how the receiver felt to find it in their mailbox.

    I do love to visit anitique malls. My dear husband thinks its all junk and hates to go but every once in a while I do find my way. I do alot of looking on Ebay. When I need something I search Ebay's antique finds for something to suit my needs if possible.

    Happy Friday!

  3. Why do they call it vaseline?