Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In My Kitchen 07/06/09

I thought it would be fun to document a day in my kitchen. Monday started with me frying 4 eggs for the kids. I made myself my normal Kashi waffles and blueberry syrup. After I ate, I did a load of dishes.

Then, I sliced up this beautiful, juicy watermelon.

I noticed I had some milk that needed to be used. It was too sour for cereal or drinking, but didn't have chunks yet, so, I put out the eggs and butter for homemade bread. (Notice those pretty yellow tomatoes they are out of my garden)Lunch time, ham sandwich for me

Shrimp Ramen Noodles w/ peas and bacon bits for Little Man
Grilled cheese w/ bacon bits for Doodle
A pudding dessert that used up 4 cups of the milk
Homemade bread....YUM!
Did a ton of dishes
Made hummingbird food...bad picture
Packed J a sandwich for lunch todayMade tacos for dinner (used the yellow tomatoes) :)
I dished out 4 bowls of the pudding dessert. Then, I did another bunch of dishes.


This post was a lot of fun to do. If you ever do this let me know so that I can pop over and read it. This post was also A LOT of work, so please leave me some comment love and let me know if you enjoyed reading it.

Heather Kay


  1. Loved reading about your day! Awesome post.

  2. Loved this post. You should do it once a week.

  3. This is a fun post and a neat idea. That was a huge watermelon. I love watermelon. Especially a nice sweet one. That bread on J's sandwich looked delicious. Is that what you made earlier? Also, beautiful tomatoes. We don't grow many yellow tomatoes but sometimes my in laws bring them over. They grow way more than they can eat.

    I noticed you said about being able to get pictures where you want them. I was having a terrible time with it, too. The other day when I was doing my garden post, I got the great idea to go the the HTML and copy the code for the picture and then paste it where I wanted it (still in edit html page) it was so quick and easy...can't believe I never thought of it before. If that didn't make sense...let me know, and I will try to clarify.