Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Drill Sergeant

It is my grandmother's 85th birthday next Monday and I was having my children make cards for her. My son is notorious for the day dream. He had been working/dreaming on this card for quite some time. I set a timer for 5 minutes and told my daughter that he had to be hard at work (with some progress made) or she got to be the drill sergeant. She thrives at this role. She is a born leader and teacher.

Okay, this is what we heard. Doodle being overly loud and bossy. Little Man not responding well to this. Doodle tries a new approach. Little Man laughing loudly.

We call them in and this is what we see. The Little Man had decorated his sister so that she looked her part!

He FINALLY got the card done!

Happy Thursday!
Heather Kay


  1. heehee that's cute! the drill sergeant looks none to please with her "decoration" :D

  2. oops none too pleased :P

  3. So your Dad has finally thought to tell me about your blog, and the first time I check in, what do I see, but my girl with a beard! If that is your real Sis, glad to see that she is proofreading.

  4. Still all lower case, and, oh, the punctuation!

  5. Too funny! How did she take it? How did you get it off? I have found the assigning another kid to take charge is a very effective tool around here, too. I hope your mom had a great birthday!