Monday, July 6, 2009

Chiggers, My Knight, and a Booty Whooping

Here is nature's response to giving up a few blackberries

Yes, that is J's leg, not mine. Your relieved, right?! That is my OPI nail polish, we both have several places with that lovely decoration. Did you know nail polish is the best way we Arkansas folks get rid of chiggers? I had never heard of Chigger's until I moved here. The first time I got them, I showed a co-worker my itchy legs and when he told me the name, I thought he was just making fun of me. Over the years, unfortunately, we have come to be well acquainted with the Chigger.

Now for the fun stuff. July 4th was kind've a bummer of a day for my kiddo's and I...UNTIL...J came home riding his Equinox and swept us off to a night at a Best Western with a pool. J has one of those jobs where he works holidays, long hours, Saturdays, and often comes home late. We were hoping that he could get off early in the afternoon Saturday, and of course the dealership was busy, and we were sitting here waiting all afternoon for him. When he was on his way home,
I was kind of down and told him that I needed my knight in shining armour to come rescue us from this house. We were discussing what we should do, when he had the brilliant idea to use one of our gift cards and take a mini vacation. Off we went to a nice Best Western and we had the most fun. We had the pool to ourselves most of the day Sunday. When we got home, we were all so exhausted, we just laid around and watched movies. It was a wonderful weekend!

This morning when the alarm went off, at 5:45, I was cranky! I did not want to go to the track. I was grumbling on the way up there. When we got there, there was the football team doing practice. This really made me mad. Now, I got out of bed just to walk around the neighborhood. J was trying to pull me out of my mood but I wanted nothing to do with it. We got about a mile from the house when I got a severe cramp in my hip. I could not walk any further. J had to walk back to the house for the car to come pick me up. That's when I got my whooping...God let me stand there for a minute and realize that it WAS a beautiful morning, I HAD the company of my husband, I WAS healthy and able to walk without pain. I apologized first to God, then to J.

Don't you just hate getting a Godly whooping?!

Here's to a good attitude today!

Heather Kay


  1. You should have told us you were bored we would have taken you to our awesome parade. ;)
    Glad to hear you had a good time after all!

  2. Most of the time God just uses one of my Therapists to chew me out!

  3. We do not have chiggers here...but lots of gnats and mosquitos and ticks. what does the nail polish do?

    I am glad you were able to turn your mood and your day around. I am not always (really almost never) very good at that.

    It is nice that you get to walk together every morning. What a sweet way to start your day together.