Sunday, July 19, 2009


My dear friend, Kat, at Chili Pepper, has asked several questions in the comments section of my recent posts. I thought it would be fun to answer them here.

Q. In the Drill Sergeant post, she asked, "how did Doodle take it?" and "how did I get it (the marker) off?".

A. Although she looks aggravated in the picture, she had a blast and believe me, if she wasn't in on it, it wouldn't have happened. I have been in the habit of buying the Crayola washable markers for years now. I know my kids are old enough for the permanent ones but this way they can do fun things like beards and I don't worry about it. The markers are always on sale cheap for back to school and I stock up for the whole year then.

Q. In the Chiggers post, she asked, "what does the nail polish do?".

A. I had to Google this because I really didn't know, I just knew that it caused relief. I found out that it just controls the itch. The site I read did not actually recommend using nail polish, but over the counter medicine instead. A tip that my sister told me about is before you know you will be in the woods rub your skin with a dryer sheet first. She said this really helps!

Q. In the My Kitchen post, she asked, if the bread on J's sandwich was my homemade?

A. Yes, and he said that was one great sandwich!

Q. In the Honest Scrap post, she asked, "Now are your kids allowed to listen to the radio?".

A. Yes, they are allowed to listen to the radio. This has not been an issue for us so far. Doodle does have some of Miley Cyrus and Jonas Bro's on her iPod. She really prefers the new worship music that we sing at church, and hear on the radio. I think it really helps that she doesn't have a lot of outside influence on this. We will definitely keep our eye on this situation as she gets older. Just yesterday, we were talking, while out garage saling, and she told me that her goal is to die without ever drinking, smoking or gambling. While we have talked about these issues, we had never talked about specific goals or anything like that, so I was very proud of her to make such good goals. I hope and PRAY that she will continue to make wise choices!

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Heather Kay

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  1. Hey this was fun! What a wonderful thing for a mother to hear their children so boldly state their convictions with definite goals to achieve.

    And thanks for answering all my pesky questions. I enjoy getting to know you better, one question (or 10) at a time:)

    Happy Monday!