Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Where Oh Where Are You Tonight? I Searched...

Don't you love that song? If your like me, now it will now be stuck in your head all day....Sorry!
So, I have been missing for a week now and during that time, I started to write a goodbye blog post about 8 times. I just couldn't make myself pull the plug though. I forced myself to make a decision, either be a steady blogger, or no blogger. I am going to attempt steady.

With that comes the new look, thank you Doodle! She also helped me by putting the my story button up on the side bar. This took us a hour or so this morning. I am really pleased with the results.

My last post I mentioned the fridge being out. I am grateful to say that the repair man was able to fix it the next day. It was not under warranty, but at least I was able to have a working fridge, nice and swift.

I had a good week last week! It included a whole day with J and no kids. My daughter was asked to a two day trip to Branson with a friend and my sister lovingly took my son for the day and night. J and I had such a nice time. We found ourselves NOT doing some things we would have because they are just more fun with the kids along. It is funny how our lives change. Before children, we would have gone bowling, or played lazer tag and thought we were just having the best time. Now we know the best time for those activities is when we are all together!

One evening last week our family picked blueberries at a local farm. They are SOOO good this year. We have had a very rainy spring and the blueberries are so plump and delicious. I made my favorite breakfast of Kashi blueberry waffles with homemade blueberry syrup this morning. It was so good, I kind've want it for lunch also. Doodle (my daughter) kept looking at me funny after breakfast and I finally realized it was time to go brush all the blueberry blue out of my teeth and off my lips. Quite a sight!

My ebay job is not going to work out for right now. I am kind of disappointed and kind of relieved by this. I could have really used the extra income but it was going to be a lot of hours sitting in front of the computer, waiting for pictures to upload, etc.

Well I am going to end this random post.

Heather Kay


  1. So glad you decided to stick with it. I enjoy your posts!

  2. I am glad you aren't going to pull the plug. Why isn't it ok to just write when you feel the urge or have something to say??? I think it is. Or why not post a picture once a week and write about it if you want to post but don't feel like you know what to write? Don't put so much pressure on yourself...just have fun! God will take care of the rest.

    Now, blueberry picking is always a treat. Ours won't be ready yet for a week or two but we are looking forward to it. what a blessing to have something that tastes so good and is good for you!

    And I was wondering...about the Shred...not that you have to do it...there are so many good ways to get exercise...but if you wanted to do it... how about if you just do the first circuit of level one. And then when you are comfortable do circuit one and circuit two? Just a thought. Strength training and weight lifting boost your fat burning and weight losing ability and you will get so much more bang for your cardio buck.

    If I am not being way too pushy already... there is a book I love called Strong women stay slim...it has the same principals as Jillian but on a much more realistic level.

    When I first had diabetes...(I likely had it for several years before being diagnosed...as most people do - an average of ten years actually) I gained weight with no explanation and couldn't lose it with any amount of cardio or dieting. I found this book to be a blessing. Her plan is one that a normal busy person can work into your life. It is by Miriam Nelson. Even with 3 girls and 2 babies at the time I was able to make it work for me.

    Feel free to email me privately if you would like to talk more.