Wednesday, June 3, 2009

WFMW Bored Kid's Edition

First of all, I do not allow my kids to say they are bored. If they do, I send them to do a chore. I know this may sound mean but my children have many, many wonderful things to keep them busy. That whiny I'm bored really gets under my skin!

I am finding now that they are 11 and 9 it is much harder to keep them entertained without electronics. I have always had limits on t.v., computer, wii, etc. time. Before we just went for the markers, paint, and play dough. Lately it takes a more sophisticated art project to keep them entertained.

A couple that we really enjoy are Perler Beads and paper origami. My two have been working on a really hard paper project most of this week and it has kept them entertained for hours. My son just got a book out of the library and started following the directions. The Perler Beads have been great for ages 5 through 11. I found them in the craft section at Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.

If I allowed them to, my kids would sit in front of the t.v. or computer all day long. They are not motivated to get out and play. So, in order to get them outside I make them go for 30 minutes. Once they are outside, 9 times out of 10, they do not want to come back in. They have a large tub in the garage full of things to do...wiffle bat & ball, basketball, jump ropes, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, etc. (The 30 minute time is key because it is long enough to force them to find something to do)

Geocaching is also great family fun. Once you have the GPS it is practically free entertainment and will get your whole family excited about being outdoors.

Most of all let's enjoy the treasures that God has blessed us with this summer. My two have grown so fast and I want to enjoy every happy, lazy, summer day!

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Heather Kay


  1. Hi, HK.

    I am surprised at how many comments and emails I got echoeing my feelings of the I'M Bored phrase. As I was writing it, I was so worked up about the whole thing...I felt scattered and disconnected in my writing. That is how I am when I feel strongly about mind races a million miles a minute.

    Anyway, afterwards, I thought...oh, people might be offended if I imply that they are doing something wrong in child training if their kids are bored.

    And then God spoke to my heart and reminded me that speaking the truth is my job, and that it is not always the popular opinion. And that most of all our job is to bring honor to Him. And part of that is exhorting others to do better.

    So I published it anyway. And boy, what a suprise. Many people, like yourself, have said the same thing! A collective yes. Kids shouldn't be bored and we don't allow it.


  2. OK and what is geocaching? I forgot to ask.

  3. My oldest (the 8 and 5 yr olds) are just like your boys- they would live on the computer or playing a video game if they could. But, thankfully, they also love crafts! Thanks for reminding me about perlerbeads.

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